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Dr Chinmoy Hazarika, the founder of gentledental.care
Dr Chinmoy Hazarika, the founder of gentledental.care

gentledental.care, all set to actualize the AI-powered Single-Day Dentistry concept with a chain of Gen-Z dental clinics

ANI | Updated: Jun 17, 2022 17:23 IST

New Delhi [India] June 17 (ANI/SRV): gentledental.care, owned by NEORDENT HEALTHCARE SOLUTIONS PVT LIMITED, is one of the most renowned and fastest-growing chains of dental care clinics in North East India, is all set to introduce its new chain of Gen-Z dental clinics throughout India. The newly added chain of dental clinics by gentledental.care will actualize the much-in-demand need for single-day dentistry and provide the public with many more in-house services in dentistry.
gentledental.care is unarguably an ambitious and innovative initiative by Dr Chinmoy Hazarika, Director and CEO of Neordent Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd, who is making the impossible a reality by providing one-day solutions to all kinds of dental-related issues. A resolute visionary of the new age, he has always made sure that his venture stood out in terms of technical aspects and considered day-to-day problems faced by the public throughout the dental appointment process.
This revolutionary concept of AI and machine-learning-based dentistry is an impressive feat that was once regarded as a highly challenging one in the profession. The expertise and the innovative mindset of Dr Hazarika are about to make a huge contribution to the whole profession with the launch of a nationwide chain of dental clinics with single-day dentistry enabled.
Dr Hazarika's healthcare tech company Neordent Healthcare Solutions Pvt Ltd has been working on AI-based solutions for delivering immediate dental solutions to his patients, since years before its incorporation in March 2022. Their soon-to-be-launched flagship product is an AI-based tool for the public to type or speak their symptoms into, which then helps the person to get feedback as to what to do in an emergency, or where to go looking for immediate help.
All the gentledental.care clinics, part of the chain, will also have in-house continuing education centres for doctors and medical professionals along with in-house manufacturing centres specialized in the 3D-designing and 3D-printing of all kinds of dental prostheses.
These technically well-equipped dental clinics and laboratories make sure of providing the patients with Single-Day Dentistry as a service. It ensures the same-day delivery of the crowns, bridges, veneers, and even dentures, considering the limited number of appointments made for the day.
The AI and machine-learning-based technology that powered the vision of this healthcare entrepreneur will be a trendsetter in the industry in no time. From the words of Dr Chinmoy Hazarika, the founder of gentledental.care, "Private dentistry right now is more like an unorganized sector, with no jobs for freshers and private dental practitioners left to fend for themselves to learn newer forms of dental care, apart from what colleges teach out of an outdated curriculum. Our vision is to empower dentists and, by extension, our patients to have better care and support. This is the legacy I want to build for this generation of dentists and for generations to come, to help them become great professionals and provide their patients with advanced methods of treatment while saving everyone's time and money".

The latest gentledental.care clinics plan to make use of advanced Digital Dentistry techniques right from the time the patient takes an appointment via an AI-based engagement tool. The clinics themselves are equipped with Intraoral scanners, digital imaging equipment, computers with CAD designing software, and dedicated personnel to operate them. The complete process will be monitored and recorded using these advanced digital dentistry techniques, which makes the procedure flawless and hassle-free.
This process continues till the stage where the treatment is done, regardless of the kind, with all the reports stored digitally.
The gentledental.care clinics also make use of the Additive Manufacturing techniques like 3D printing, which are one of the greatest technical additions to the entire dental field. These techniques bring down the time, cost, and effort required in the complete manufacturing process of all kinds of dental prostheses, making them accurate and free from almost all kinds of errors.
The chain of gentledental.care clinics has opened the portal to a revolutionary development in the entire healthcare sector where advanced technology that assists the treatment in dentistry without any flaws is encouraged, and the idea spread further.
From turning an idea into a venture, gentledental.care, equipped with the best technology and the medical experts of the arena operating on it, has a huge potential in the domestic market, especially with an unorganized and scattered dental care sector in place.
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