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Global Entrepreneur Jawahar Kotwani Launched his 1st Book, Trading Sashtra
Global Entrepreneur Jawahar Kotwani Launched his 1st Book, Trading Sashtra

Global Entrepreneur Jawahar Kotwani launches his 1st book, Trading Sashtra

ANI | Updated: Mar 22, 2021 15:09 IST

New Delhi [India], March 22 (ANI/SRV Media): Global Entrepreneur Jawahar Kotwani Launched his 1st Book "Trading Sashtra". Everyone including critics will surely find this book insightful. (Rated 5 star on Amazon)
The book titles "Trading Sashtra" with the subtitle "Stock Market Main Safalta Ki Kunji."
Jawahar Kotwani is a scholarly entrepreneur who took a keen interest in business since the beginning of his career. Jawahar had a diversified suite of interests in stock markets, Import-Export, Minerals Mining, Pharmacy Manufacturing, and various other standard scopes of enterprises, where he achieved tremendous success.
Purpose Behind The Book "Trading Sashtra"
Jawahar had an industrious mindset to widen the prospects of the economical investment apart from the mainstream sources and do something unique of his own. His idealistic knack induced him to acquire in-depth knowledge of the stock market and the online trading sector. He went through robust research on the core subjects and flexed his positive outcomes in the online trading platform and this book "Trading Sashtra" propagates the long term vision to share the advanced skill sets and techniques with the trading enthusiasts and keen readers to crack the code of the online trading by upscaling risk mitigation and thriving the financial assets in a time-friendly manner.

Personal Milestones (Career and Academics)
In 1990, Jawahar Kotwani completed his formal education in Arts and pursued his career as a builder. Later on, he pursued higher studies and studied MBA (Finance) and embarked on a different journey of his own. Jawahar had multiple focus areas in digital currency, data mining, stock markets and decided to utilize his innate talent in the business. Presently, He is the Founder & Director of companies named Sadbhav Minerals PVT Ltd, Sadbhav Group Ltd. in London (UK). IDLR INC in the United States Of America. He is also into Bollywood which is also an evolving entity in the film industry. He produced few movies in India and America as well.
Jawahar Kotwani says, "Success and Failure are totally depending on your plan of action."
A Brief Synopsis of "Trading Sashtra"- Trading Sashtra deals with the many theories and postulates to conduct Trading and Investment in the stock market. It represents the different indicators to understand the functioning of the stock trading mechanism and how to deal with the advanced methodology recommended by the author to boost the successful investment portfolio. For more vivid knowledge, you need to read the book available online in the e-book kindle format as well as the paperback hardcover. This book is ideal for readers and business enthusiasts who want to gain an analytical depth to the segment of trading by aversing risk and a time-bound approach to an assured successful outcome.
One can buy the book at https://www.amazon.in/dp/B08VSB5T6S/
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