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Good Family

Good Family, the FMCG Company is now targeting the Pan-India Market

ANI | Updated: Jul 27, 2021 13:31 IST

New Delhi [India], July 27 (ANI/SRV Media): To expand their market, broaden the company's horizon and make their products available in significantly more locations, Good Family is now focusing on the Pan India market and is trying to grow their products to global standards.
The FMCG market, being in high demand at the moment.
The companies that are a part of this market have to go through rigorous improvement in their supply chain. Focusing on the market presence and the comparative strategies of the organizations. Following the market is witnessing a huge climb in the demand and supply graph.
Good Family has recognized the need for the expansion of the business, not only in Kerala but all over India. As India is a growing market for FMCG products and the expansion will not only help in the progression of the company but also will suffice the demand and supply chain on a Pan India level, making Good Family a well-known presence in the marketplace.

Swaroop C Ramdas, the founder of Good Family says, " Our vision is to grow our products to global standards, and provide a global supply to our valued customers as per their needs so that they can be fulfilled." Good Family is an FMCG Company in Calicut Kerala, which is mainly producing cleaning products like Dish Magic-dishwashing liquid, Clean Action-floor cleaner, Shake Hands-hand wash, Better Wash- Detergents, etc.
The company has a registered brand name for their bathing soap, Darry. The company has also announced that they are starting the Coconut Oil-based Hand Made Soap in the name of Darry and are trying to grow their products to global standards.

They are also trying to get investors to market their products. The company uses sophisticated machinery for high-volume processing and packaging of daily care FMCG products.
Good Family has a full range of daily health and beauty care products located at Calicut district, Kerala. It is currently engaged in producing a variety of daily care fast-moving consumer products for the domestic market as well as someday for global consumption.
It has a network of distributors across Kerala, and the products are available at most supermarkets, Hypermarkets in the state of Kerala and with high demand. It has also started expanding the business to neighboring states for exponential growth, so they are also looking for distributors in the pan India market.
The company is trying to improve the products they sell so that they can meet global standards. They are also operating responsibly to protect the planet, which is an absolute necessity in these times as more people are becoming aware of sustainable products. They hope to run a successful company that creates long-term value for their customers.
Good Family products specialize in three different aspects, health, hygiene, and fragrance. They also provide health & body care products, which are 100% hygienic, tested in labs by experts and their products are fragrant. The company is trying to maintain a balance between economic success, protection of the environment, and social responsibility. They hope to build and make a name for their brand in all parts of India and eventually in the international market as well.
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