Goodyear comes up with innovative 'Eagle 360'

ANI | Updated: Feb 10, 2018 18:53 IST

Greater Noida (Uttar Pradesh) [India], Feb.10 (ANI): A key and innovative offering at this year's Auto Expo is the "Eagle-360", a spherical-shaped and future-oriented tyre, from Goodyear.

Experts in the automotive industry and the gneral public at large are viewing this tyre as a breakthrough technology in the tyre sector, as it is promising to ensure smoother manouverability, connectivity and bimimicry for autonomous mobility in self-driven cars.

Once offered in the commercial space, this spherical-shaped tyre will allow any car to move in all directions, while at the same time ensuring passenger safety. It promises to take care of the problem of space limitation, particualrly when it comes to parking in the city centre or in crowded market places.

A Goodyear representative told ANI that each tyre has embedded sensors that look after driver and passenger safety through communication of road and weather conditions to the control panle of a vehicle.

He also said that each Eagle 360 tyre is connected via magnetic levitation that allows a vehicle to be suspended enough to allow for a smooth and quiet ride. #D printed treads behave like natural sponges that stiffenin dry conditions and soften in wet to deliver a driving performance that is excellent and ensures acqua-planning resistance.

P.K.Walia, Vice President (Consumer Business), described Goodyear as a pioneer in tyre technology and as a company that was constantly and consistently challenging itself to innovate, be future smart and reliable in terms of the products that it would be offering to the end user.

Goodyear has been present in India for the last 95 years and has two plants in Ballabhgarh and Aurangabad. (ANI)