Viral Desai took the initiative to give a tree in Eidi
Viral Desai took the initiative to give a tree in Eidi

Greenman Viral Desai took the initiative to give a tree in Eidi

ANI | Updated: May 14, 2021 14:48 IST

Surat (Gujarat) [India], May 14 (PNN): Greenman Viral Desai through his Hearts at Work Foundation, an organization working for the environment, celebrated the auspicious festival of Eid by distributing about 500 saplings on the occasion of Ramadan Eid.
At the same time, he specifically appealed to the Muslim community to give children the gift of trees in Eidi. It is noteworthy to mention here that for this noble purpose, Viral Desai's foundation contacted various organizations in Surat and delivered the saplings.
Under this wonderful program, the Hearts at Work Foundation, along with Chetan Jethwa and Masood Voraji, members of the Lockdown Help Group, a food delivery service for quarantined people, distributed about 100 saplings.

In addition to this, Viral Desai distributed about four hundred saplings in collaboration with other Muslim communities and organizations. The celebrations were also attended by members of the Daudi Vohra community and they were also given saplings on the occasion of Eid.
In this regard, Greenman Viral Desai said, "We have adopted a practice to associate every festival with the environment and tree planting. Because, I strongly believe that when the environment is associated with festivals, people become very serious about the environment. Moreover, in these times the importance of oxygen and trees has become clear to us. So our main goal is to plant as many trees as possible. That is why I am appealing to give the children trees in Eidi too, as this way these young tender minds can quickly get attached to the environment and simultaneously start respecting nature. '
One of the members, Babu Sona Sheikh, who participated in tree planting, says, "The way Viralbhai associates Eid with the environment is very inspiring. Taking inspiration from them, we will also spread their message to as many people as possible and plant trees not only on Eid but on many occasions in the time to come. We will also plant a large number of trees in our mosques as well as in orphanages taking advantage of Viralbhai's support and knowledge.'
It may be mentioned here that Greenman Viral Desai has earlier organized 'Tree Ganesha', under which he had campaigned across the country and planted thousands of trees in various cities.
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