Pradeep Sagar and Praveen Sagar, Co-founders of Mind Mentorz
Pradeep Sagar and Praveen Sagar, Co-founders of Mind Mentorz

Groom Your Child for Advanced Chess: Mastering Scholastic Chess With Mind Mentorz

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2021 12:20 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], January 18 (ANI/SRV Media): Mind Mentorz, a well-known name in scholastic chess-coaching is preparing its podium for exclusive skill-development training in 2021. Young players will receive intense training in the beginner and intermediate levels, with the focus on grooming them for advanced coaching under stalwarts and ensuring better rating for competitive chess.
Scholastic chess - where the prime focus is upping your skill levels and acquiring higher ratings - is different from competitive chess in which all that one cares about are the winning strategies. While most kids feel limited to 12- 20 sure-fire moves in a competition, at MindMentorz they are trained to enter wider perimeters of the game, explore and innovate.
"It is about offering ample opportunities for the kids to explore, grow and perfect the art of playing chess", says Praveen Sagar, co-founder, Mind Mentorz. "For the budding chess players, it is important to strengthen the skills and have the right perception about the broader canvas of chess before plunging into competitions. And that is what Mind Mentorz is all about. We help them approach the game from different angles and challenge their skills at various levels through competitions."
Nurturing an approach of holistic training, Mind Mentorz has always stayed strong in the skill-building area, vouching for the betterment of cognitive thinking and character building in children through chess. The institute encourages its students to hone their skills through the exploratory nature of the game rather than mugging up theories and techniques to survive in competitions.
With 2020 witnessing a surge in online chess competitions, young chess players are tightening their belts for more practice sessions, better participation and higher ratings. With its online presence - where the various branches of the coaching centre serve as online chess clubs - MindMentorz believes that focused coaching in scholastic chess can be ensured for a wider community of students.
At Mind Mentorz, your child gets:
* FIDE rated coaches with individual attention and mentoring

* The opportunity to participate in monthly tournaments
* The opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of chess that makes her/his entry into competitive platforms easy
* Thorough training in the beginner and intermediate levels with focus on scholastic chess
* To be skill-ready to enter advanced learning platforms for competitive chess
* A Fun way of learning the complex techniques of chess
Mind Mentorz has been a name to reckon with scholastic chess over the past few years. A passion for the game and devotion to raising young talents through a holistic way of learning, skill-building and character development has driven the institute a long way from its inception. Today there are three centres across Bangalore in Kalyan Nagar, Kempapura and Sahakar Nagar.
The experts at the institute, who themselves are master players with a passion for the game, have been nurturing young talents in the city for the past 6 years. To know more on scholastic chess coaching and the way the students are moulded through intuitive and explorative learning, you may contact Mind Mentorz at
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