Hafele designed the fairytale land - A modern day rendition at ID Exhibition

ANI | Updated: Feb 22, 2019 11:04 IST

New Delhi [India] Feb 22 (ANI): Häfele, the interiors fittings specialist brand, has always differentiated itself in the Indian market as a complete solution provider that offers innovative, technologically advanced and superior quality products which are ably backed by the highest standards in Customer Service. Over the years, the ability of the company to bring in novelty and innovation through its solutions, services and break-through functionality has always kept Häfele at the forefront of industry trends and practices. Taking this approach forward, Häfele now erected a never-seen-before concept at the India Design Exhibition, where the imagination of fairytale magic is brought to life through tangible interior space concepts and designs that will surprise you with their charm, exuberance and innovation.
 This India Design, Häfele had handpicked some of the most popular fairy tales by German Fairytale Authors – Brothers Grimm, Jakob and Wilhelm and woven them into a modern-day rendition with unique designs ably supported by innovative functionality; bringing back to life those magical memories from your childhood that have since been resting in a dusty corner of your mind webs. Be it Cinderella’s glass shoe, Snow white’s magical mirror, Rapunzel’s never-ending golden locks, Hansel and Gretel’s love for cookies and cakes or Rumplestilskin’s greedy riddles that won him deals – Häfele had taken everyone through the journeys of their favourite fairytale characters in the most exquisite style and modern grandeur.
Visitor’s experienced Cinderella’s story with a modern twist – Dekton® Surfaces by Häfele recreated the legendary ballroom where Cinderella chanced upon her Prince Charming as well as a plush kitchen that we believe was gifted to her by her Fairy Godmother.
The tower itself was beautifully depicted in a modern setting with an illuminated stairway, leading to the top, representing Rapunzel’s exquisitely flowing tresses. The stairways were illuminated with Häfele’s LED Strip Lights and magical Luminous Fabric. When the fabric combined with the strip lights, it created mesmerising spatial designs and added the perception of increased depth for the interior setting. The placement and the colours of the LED Strip Lights helped in creating different alluring patterns.
Rumplestikskin throws a riddle to the Queen which is believed to be our Intelligent WC. Which happens to solve the case of guessing his name & thus saving to keep her first-born safe. Rumpelstiltskin’s bath area in the forest consists of a sparkling glass shower enclosure with golden shower fittings and accessories by Häfele. The enclosure symbolized the connection of the imp to gold and effectively separates the bath area from the rest of the forest. Rumpelstiltskin’s shower enclosure was installed with Häfele’s Range of Edelbad Overhead Showers.
 Hansel & Gretel
Häfele's Live Kitchen and the sweetmeats that get doled out of it were our modern take on the witch’s gingerbread hut with all its sweet candies. The live kitchen was equipped with some of the best appliances in Häfele’s range like the latest Elements by Asko combi steam oven and combi microwave, the Liebherr Black Steel Refrigerators and Counter-top Appliances.
 Snow White
Häfele's contemporary take on Snow White’s Fairy-tale Bedroom included a Walk-in Wardrobe fit for the princess that she really was and an interactive mirror because no story of Snow White is complete without the prophetic mirror. To add a twist to the tale, the Häfele Reveal Face Recognition Digital Lock is also installed in the bedroom which we imagined would have intimated Snow White of an intruder, namely her evil stepmother and she could, therefore, have avoided the poisoning. This story is provided by BusinessWireIndia. (ANI)