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Heavyweight Entrepreneur Dr Sajeev Nair joins forces with Bollywood action Superstar Suniel Shetty; Formation of The Superhuman Tribe of India

ANI | Updated: Mar 24, 2021 16:53 IST

New Delhi [India], March 24 (ANI/ThePRTree): Seemingly a quintessential plot of a sci-fi superhero movie; A brainiac inventor, after years of research and pursuit of a cause, discovers the answer to longevity and eternal youth.
Using modern science and technology, cracked the code. The secret is to isolate the unique features of our genes and enhance the individual into a SUPERHUMAN being.
This nonetheless is very much a factual breakthrough event of today at Vieroots Wellness Solutions.
The Mastermind
Dr Sajeev Nair is that brilliant mind. After two decades of valuable contribution to the wellness industry, Dr Sajeev has brought a revolutionary fusion of the best of modern and ancient worlds in health enhancement.
Genetic Research and Artificial Intelligence
Modern science techniques such as Geno-Metabolic Analysis have been used to understand the intricacies of the human DNA code that are unique from person to person. Individualistic genetic risks to diseases can be identified, in other words...finding out the diseases an individual is more susceptible to contract. Metaphorically speaking; discovering our unique Kryptonite.
With the assistance of Artificial Intelligence, an Epigenetic Lifestyle Modification is recommended to increase tolerance and immunity for the specific genetic risk.
The lifestyle modifications are practised of old-world healthy living and Ayurveda, entailing what foods to eat and what to abstain from, specific exercises that complement the individual's genetic type. A natural and proven approach of high efficacy due to its specific customization for the individual.
The making of a Superhuman
Dr Sajeev's aim is to contribute to the benefit of all mankind. In his highly researched and captivating book "The Making of a Superhuman", he discloses the secrets of bio-hacking. These principles enable an individual to avert or delay susceptible killer villains viz. cancer, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, etc.
Although the book is of a scientific orientation, Dr Sajeev adopts an endearing flair of simplicity in his language, showcasing complicated scientific theories in a very comprehensive and relatable style.

Vieroots Wellness Solutions
This is where all the magic happens. Located in Bengaluru this hundred crore project was established in 2018 and looking at the uniqueness and future scope of this project, Suniel Shetty became an equity partner.
The Powerhouse
Blockbuster action superstar, hotelier, entrepreneur and philanthropist; Suniel Shetty has been and continues to be an icon of fitness and health over the decades. He has funded and promoted health and fitness ventures across the nation. Of the belief that a complete human is the balance of a healthy mind, a fit body, and a rich soul, his ideologies are perfectly aligned with those of Dr Sajeev.
And thus, the union of their individual talents and contributions make Vieroots Wellness a formidable adversary against illness.
With Vieroots Wellness Solutions, Suniel Shetty confidently promises that on his 60th birthday, he will be at the highest peak of his lifetime fitness graph. A seemingly monumental feat, but by no means impossible for this devoted practitioner of martial arts.
Inspired by American martial artist Chuck Norris, Suniel Shetty mastered, what later became his very own signature action move. The spinning backhanded punch; well known as "The Suniel Shetty Punch".
The Energizer
The third member of this super team, bringing speed, tenacity and energy in abundance is none other than Aditya Narayan; the prodigy son of Dr Sajeev Nair. His focus and endurance, powered by a fiery passion for the cause are unparalleled.
The Mission
This Super team powers on to unite the nation as one Superhuman Tribe. Anyone and everyone can become a superhuman, by choosing to excel in their life and their field of expertise. All that is required is the will to lead a life that is fruitful, a life that contributes to the good of society.
To make a choice to enhance individual strengths naturally by practising appropriate ancient practises and overcoming existing weakness and potential ailments.
A superhuman is balanced psychologically and physiologically and respects and nurtures all life.
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