Here are a few preventive healthcare packages for 'Corporate India'

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2018 17:07 IST

New Delhi [India], Feb 14 (ANI): Got your preventive health check-up done? If you wish to do so, ensure that you don't end up with unnecessary tests. It is important for every company to maintain and improve the health of employees so that they feel a sense of belonging and remain faithful to the company. The easiest way to achieve this is by introducing preventive healthcare packages in the corporate culture.

There is an emerging trend of people taking charge of their own health and of those close to them. An increasing number of people are opting for preventive healthcare packages to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here are some of the best preventive healthcare packages offered by health companies for the Corporate world.


Most organisations rely on group health insurance or feel good health checkup activities that provide very little incentives to the employees. EasyBuyHealth is here to make your employee feel secure. Making healthcare accessible to the corporate world, India's most comprehensive online healthcare services aggregator is EasyBuyHealth. It provides affordable health checkup customized packages as per age, gender and diet to these employees. Some of the preventive health care packages are affordable up to 30 percent off which includes Heart Disease Indicator Check for Working Men and Women, Fertility Tests for Women and Men, Hormone Profile, Nutrition and Vitamin Profiles, Complete Body Checkups, Basic Blood Tests and more across Diagnostics Centers in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata.

Indus Health Plus

India's leading preventive healthcare specialist is determined to live up to its motto of making quality healthcare 'Available, Accessible and Affordable' each and every day. Today, organizations and corporates are emphasizing enormously upon their employee's health.

Corporate health checkups are a mandate for every company, be it small or big. In the competitive corporate world, employees go through rigorous work routines, have deadlines, eat junk and fast food regularly, keep sitting at their work stations for long hours, sleep-less and remain under stress of work pressure most of the times. All this is bound to take a toll on their health. An unhealthy sedentary lifestyle like this may lead to several diseases. Indus Health Plus offers tailor-made corporate medical checkups for working professionals. The employee wellness program packages are designed specifically to suit executive's healthcare needs, keeping in mind industrial and occupational hazards.

Hindustan wellness

This is India's 1st Health Management Company for Preventive Health Care Lab and Diagnostic Centre Hindustan Wellness. It provides Preventive Healthcare services to your doorstep. At Hindustan Wellness, they understand different people may have exceedingly different healthcare needs. Thus, they provide an option to choose from an array of healthy packages. They collect samples from your doorstep and deliver reports at your doorstep. Post Health Checkup, they cover a wide spectrum of tests, you get free consultations from experienced doctors and dieticians.

Hindustan Wellness also assigns individual Health Managers to take care of all your health and wellness needs, including follow-ups. Some of the packages include Master Health Checkup Package: 67 Tests + 2 Doctor Consultations + Diet chart with Consultation + Health Manager, Women Health Checkup Package: 73 Tests + 2 Doctor Consultations + Diet chart with Consultation + Health Manager,

Hinduja Hospital

Hinduja Hospital offers a PHP Premium package (two days) for Rs. 10,000 (male) and Rs. 11,000 (female) for those over 40 years. You can opt for the lower end package "Comprehensive Regular" for Rs. 3,500. It includes all the tests mentioned above with addition of stool routine, chest X-ray, post-meal blood sugar, triglycerides, PAP smear (female), additional liver profile which includes Bilirubin, Gamma GT, Albumin, Alkaline Phosphate, Total protein and consultations with a surgeon (male) and a gynecologist (female). (ANI)