State of the art facilities at India's #1 organized cleaning chain, Mycleaners
State of the art facilities at India's #1 organized cleaning chain, Mycleaners

Here's how Mycleaners is revolutionizing the industry by providing a one-stop cleaning solution

ANI | Updated: Sep 14, 2021 16:17 IST

New Delhi [India], September 14 (ANI/SRV Media): Mycleaners is a Delhi-based startup that is India's first organized chain of cleaning services, providing a one-stop cleaning solution to all its customers.
Mycleaner's Founders & Directors-- Vipin Jindal, Prashant Sharma and Shiv Sethi-- bring their industry experience and expertise of over 40 years into this refined and redefined product.
The laundry, dry-cleaning and home cleaning industries are some of the fastest-growing sectors in India. The company sowed its seeds before the lockdown and successfully grounded its roots even during the perilous pandemic.
Originally, the concept of commercial laundry and the dry-cleaning process started in the late 18th century and has seen a spurt of growth in the past decade in India. It currently values at globally 68 billion US dollars and is expected to grow at a projection of over 4.1% by 2027.
The business model at Mycleaners has been built keeping in mind the necessities of a business owner as well as a customer making sure the nature is not restricted to a seasonal market.

Prashant Sharma, Founder, says, "Those interested should want holistic growth in their careers to become a part of the Mycleaners franchising family and aim to contribute towards creating employment, reducing emissions via the cleaning industry and enhancing customer experience. The apprehension of the brand lies in the fact that the franchise owners undergo multiple comprehensive and easy to understand training sessions before the launch of the store along with full handheld support till the store reaches automation and hence there are no prior experience requirements of the industry from a franchise owner as such."

The company welcomes franchise owners irrespective of the current industry they are hailing from like the private sector, service sector, existing businessmen, entrepreneurs and people looking at alternate income options.
Vipin Jindal, Managing Director, says, "When the pandemic hit, a lot of people lost their jobs, their source of income and their livelihoods. We, as a country, lost the way we had been taught to live. People became more focused on hygiene and sanitation, more conscious about what they were wearing, eating and where they were going. Mycleaners currently has a hold on over more than 15 states operating with 48+ stores and are looking at associating with people who will share the company's vision."
Mycleaners has been dynamically making an impact on the laundry, dry-cleaning and home cleaning sector. Shiv Sethi, Director - Marketing, says, "In today's India, where a customer has to look for different vendors for their home cleaning needs, Mycleaners provides convenience and affordability by acting as a hypermarket of cleaning services for its customers. The store experts take utmost care of one's clothes and making sure they receive well washed, clean and neatly folded clothes. There are different plans and packages in Mycleaners laundry service for regular wear, casuals or expensive garments which are affordable for not just families but also bachelor and students. The costing chalks down to a cheaper rate than what a customer on average pays in-house themself."

One can avail of the home cleaning and sanitization service where professionals will visit the site to clean it in the quickest time. Mycleaner's in-house store staff unlike third party online vendors are well trained to maximize customer satisfaction. The store staff is reliable and verified hence minimizing perilous risk guaranteeing a safe and secure transaction cycle. Serving with a comfortable door to door pick-up and delivery facility as well as a store walk-in option, Mycleaners aims to deliver each order within 24 hours.
Traditionally, dry cleaning was done using petroleum-based chemicals (perc) which would cause various health hazards in occupational workers like kidney cancer and in customers causing skin cancer. Mycleaners uniquely practices the method of wet cleaning, that has been adapted from developed countries. This is a more sustainable method over dry-cleaning which uses eco-friendly and skin-friendly green chemicals and does not have any hazardous side effects as compared to perc.
Mycleaners is associated with multiple globally famous technology partners along with India's oldest and leading manufacturer which has been supplying their laundry and home-cleaning technology to numerous hotels and hospitals since before the laundry revolution. Some of these partners are the world's largest and oldest leading manufacturers, hence, making the brand open for expansion in multiple other countries that hold potential as promising as that of India's.
Mycleaners is, therefore, one such superhero in disguise that will save customers' money, electricity, detergent, water and quality family time. Once Mycleaners is at service then all one is required to do is sit back and rejuvenate. To know more, visit -
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