Hike launches personalized stickers for over 500 colleges across India

ANI | Updated: Sep 08, 2017 17:33 IST

New Delhi [India], September 8 (ANI): Hike Messenger">Hike Messenger on Friday launched personalized sticker packs for over 500 colleges across India.

Hike has adopted a hyper local strategy aimed to connect with college groups in over 100 cities across 26 states.

It has created stickers for Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and Delhi University (DU) colleges from Delhi, IIT Bombay, Mithibai and Xavier's from Mumbai, MS Ramiah and RVC from Bengaluru in the dialect used in their campuses.

The company aims to create these custom stickers for more than 1,000 colleges by 2018.

Canteens, libraries, auditoriums and classic packs like Masterji, College life are immortalized on the Hike Sticker Store which already has 15,000 stickers across 40+ languages.

Hike company has also received requests from students of various other colleges for localized and specific stickers for their colleges.

A large percentage of the Hikers are between 18-21 years of age and in college.

While, college sticker packs are created to make their conversations more personal by adding a sense of pride. (ANI)