Housejoy gears up to help your maid breathe easy this Diwali

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2017 14:24 IST

Bengaluru (Karnataka) [India], Sept 21 (ANI-BusinessWire India): The Diwali holidays are fast approaching and everyone is pumped up for it. The reasons though, are myriad. For some, this is the time to meet old friends and family members; others just want the sweet bliss of extra sleep. No one however, wants to spend their Diwali morosely scrubbing their floor, least of all your friendly neighborhood bai.

Diwali cleaning is a task that would have probably stumped Hercules, and your poor Bai is just a mere mortal. Housejoy realised that this perilous task needs a little consideration.

Keeping in mind the hassle of Diwali cleaning and the urge to impress your near and (not so) dear ones, home cleaning is a task best left to professionals. This is the insight that Housejoy captures beautifully in their new digital campaign around #happyfestivities. The tongue in cheek video shall incite quite a few chuckles along with a resonance with the message.

The video can be viewed here -

"We believe that Diwali is a time to kick back and relax, and spend some quality time with one's family. That can never be done if you're constantly fretting about cleaning your house. The professionals from Housejoy shall take away all your worries as they expertly tackle all the nooks and crannies of your House. This campaign seeks to communicate just that. A squeaky clean house is just a tap away," said Rashi Lachhwani - Category Head at Housejoy.

"Our concept is based on the insight that Diwali cleaning is usually left up to the woman of the house and the maid. It ends up being a painful experience. Housejoy comes in at this stage as the savior to help all ladies enjoy the best parts about Diwali and leave the dirty bits to us," added Shinoy Thomas, Graffiti Collaborative.


Conception and Execution - Graffiti Collaborative

Agency - Graffiti Collaborative

Credits - Housejoy

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