How a start-up is preparing to boost the success rate of the Indian Restaurant Industry
How a start-up is preparing to boost the success rate of the Indian Restaurant Industry

How a start-up is preparing to boost the success rate of the Indian Restaurant Industry

ANI | Updated: Oct 06, 2021 13:45 IST

New Delhi [India], October 6 (ANI/ The Brand Solution): In Indian Cities, out of every 10 new restaurants, 3 shut down within a year.
'Restaurant.Store' is committed to decrease the failure rate and increase the success rate by providing products and services which ensure profitability and efficiency.
The idea of Restaurant.Store was conceived purely to ease the pain of Restaurant, Cafe and Bakery Owners. It is India's First B2B Ecommerce Platform designed especially for HoReCa and Food Service Industry. "Me and my team have been closely working with Chefs and Bakers since last 15 years" says Moiz Master, Founder."Since our offline business specialized in new restaurant/bakery setups, we have always been a part of their initial journey. We have walked with the budding entrepreneurs when they took their first steps towards their dream. We always feel proud when a restaurant does great business and makes an impact. We feel good that we have provided these establishments with best in class equipment and machinery to run their kitchens smoothly without any hassles. But... we also feel the pain when wesee restaurants shutting down. We feel the pain when we see them struggling to make profits. And to ease all the pain, we started Restaurant.Store"
Restaurant.Store provides Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery Machinery, Commercial Refrigeration, Cafe and Fast Food Equipment to its customers. They also provide services like New Set-up Consultancy, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Restaurant Make-over Services, Franchise Building and Management and so on.
Multiple products and service categories are lined up to be introduced soon. All the products and services on the site are specially handpicked by industry experts and brought to the customers at lowest prices.Restaurant.Store will be selling more than Two Lakh product sku's. If you are a Chef or a Baker, be ready to be spoiled with choices.
In the current startup scenario, where more and more B2B startups are becoming unicorns, why are you still bootstrapped?

"Even though we are a bootstrapped startup, we are growing at a superb pace. Our customers are receiving us well, the users are appreciating our products and services. It is not that we won't partner with investors, we definitely will. And we are looking for a perfect match, right minded people to work with on a next level. In today's start-up scenario, most investors look only for short-term surge. We on the other hand are seasoned entrepreneurs, we understand the value of persistence and consistency. You need to apply right strategy and choose good partners, especially when the game is big and the field is extensive"
As the world sees a new era, experts predict some pretty bright years ahead especially for the e-commerce industry. What is your say, what is the future of the e-commerce industry and of Restaurant.Store?
"We Indians have accepted the internet, digital payments and online shopping with open arms. B2B e-commerce on the other hand has just opened its doors. And mind you, the institutional buyers do not do impulse buying. They are always inclined towards industry experts, they always do informed buying. Thus it is very important that the B2B E-commerce Player has extensive knowledge and experience in selling to the particular industry. Our experience and our understanding of the Restaurant and Bakery Industry has motivated us to go ahead and explore this possibility. We are not only armed with the first mover's advantage, but we are also backed by years of experience. This makes us confident of winning the hearts of our customers"
Coming back to the Restaurant Industry, the industry has seen a couple of bad years, what do you predict for the coming years?
"The Restaurant Industry will now be seeing the best years of business. People love eating out, and they have missed it so much that now they will go out even more. I have always felt that Restaurants and Bakeries are always a part of our celebrations. May it be a Birthday Cake or a Dinner celebrating a job promotion, this industry has been spreading joy since ages. The future of such a beautiful industry can be nothing else but sparkling"
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