How CBSE Board teachers may amplify skills for New Academic Session 2021-22?
How CBSE Board teachers may amplify skills for New Academic Session 2021-22?

How CBSE Board teachers may amplify skills for New Academic Session 2021-22? Here's training to teach with innovations!

ANI | Updated: Apr 28, 2021 13:27 IST

New Delhi [India], April 28 (ANI/ Oswaal Books): With time, the world has evolved in every way. New innovations and inventions are happening with an ever accelerating rate. Hence the expectations from professionals have also increased.
To prepare the youth for changing times, quality education can be a very powerful tool. So innovations and improvisations in the Education sector are also equally necessary. If teachers use traditional methods and outdated techniques, students do not benefit and in turn the nation's future suffers.
So the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced training programmes to help teachers teach better. Among many other benefits, these CBSE Training Programmes will help teachers communicate better with their class, make lectures more effective and understand students' needs and expectations. The initiative will enable principals and teachers to become more than just subject matter experts. It will create brilliant mentors who can propel the country's growth in the modern world.
A variety of personal development areas are covered via CBSE Teacher Training Programmes by the wide range of training topics like - Management of interpersonal skills; How to be an effective teacher; Enhancing life skills- Empathy; Happy teachers create happy classrooms; Humour as a teaching technique; Introductions to Cyber Security and safety; Enhancing Life Skills - Coping with Emotions; Integration of Art in Social Science; Social and Spiritual Quotient among school children; Post- Covid Schooling; Developing the skills of Decision making in Adolescents; Understanding bullying; Importance of Personal hygiene; Nutrition and Health for Adolescents; Sustainable Green School- Biodiversity; Competency Based Education; Emotional Intelligence; etc.
These training programs help Teachers to prepare efficiently for students. Teachers may also prepare themselves better for Academics for new Academic Session 2021-22 to teach students with latest Books via free specimen copies of Oswaal Books. These Books are updated as per the latest changes introduced by the CBSE; keeping NEP in mind. Not only this, these books also include all the latest Typologies of Questions; again which are more application based as per NEP.

Here's the link to Request Free Specimen Copies of Latest Books:
Teachers can choose the topics that feel relevant to them and register in a few easy steps:
* Step 1: Go to the official CBSE training portal or click on

* Step 2: Press the "Click Here to Register for Online Sessions" button and pick the topic based on your interest and time availability. The timings for all sessions are also mentioned in the list.
* Step 3: Register by filling in the necessary details like name, address, school, etc.
* Step 4: Proceed to make the payment once you have thoroughly checked all the details.
Now you will receive a confirmation message and you can take the online training right from the comfort of your home. After you have successfully completed the training session, you will receive an e-Certificate for CBSE Training Programmes and relevant feedback from the Board. To download your e-Certificate for CBSE Training Programmes that you have undergone, follow these steps:
* Go to the Individual Participant Login page
* Enter User ID, Password, Security Pin and press "Login"
* You will be directed to the Confirmation and Payment Options page. Press "Click Here to Proceed for Online Payment"
Now you will be able to download your e-certificate for CBSE Teachers Training Programmes that you have undergone.
The CBSE training programmes will prove instrumental after the disruption in Education caused by Covid-19. Physical distance and isolation have affected the mental health of students. On the other hand, digital tools have made it easier to spread knowledge and open the gates of new information and opportunities for all. So these courses will empower teachers with the right techniques to help students overcome the stress and anxiety; and finally achieve academic excellence.
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