How to prepare better to obtain merit rank in Olympiad Exams for classes 1 to 5?
How to prepare better to obtain merit rank in Olympiad Exams for classes 1 to 5?

How to prepare better to obtain merit rank in Olympiad Exams for classes 1 to 5

ANI | Updated: Jul 17, 2021 20:55 IST

New Delhi [India], July 17 (ANI/Oswaal Books): An examination of the magnitude of Olympiad is an examination that cannot be taken lightly. Thousands of students appear for Olympiads (national and international) each year and only a few of the brightest and most hardworking students are able to secure a commendable and noteworthy rank or score.
Olympiads are the perfect way to train young minds of students to adapt to the real-life situations of looking at problems in a more analytical fashion, taking into consideration different aspects of the problem at hand and being more evaluative and attentive towards the little details and develop acumen for innovative thinking and problem solving. In short, Olympiad examinations help train the students' mind in a specific manner. It is geared towards the polishing and embellishment of the intellectual faculty or prowess of the students by hosting them in a coherent yet competitive environment that ultimately nurtures them.
The smart thing to do is to teach the students to expose themselves to an environment where healthy competition exists and to do it at an early age, that too. The world is moving at a fast pace and unless the students studying in classes 1 - 5 are introduced to the world of Olympiad, they will never be at par with the rest of the students.
Tips to help prepare for your Olympiads better - Shape young minds to win
It is extremely important to inculcate the spirit of healthy competition and the value of success in the minds of students at an early age. This way, they stand a better chance of acing every competitive examination that they will sit for in their entire life. Future competitive examinations will no longer pose a challenge as intimidating and thwarting as usual. Here are a few tips to help you prepare the right way and secure better ranks and merits:
1. Get a deeper level of understanding of topics and aim for conceptual clarity - Mugging up might have worked in internal assessments and year-end examinations in school but that is certainly going to fail you in the case of an examination like Olympiad. You need to learn thoroughly and pay attention to the details. The question paper for Olympiad examination is quite tough (no matter the standard you are in) and tend to be more analytical in nature. This means that unless you have a strong foundation, deeper level of understanding of the concepts and conceptual clarity, you will have a hard time finding the right answer to the problems.
2. Notes for revision - One cannot emphasize this enough - always revise what you have learnt and set aside a time of day strictly for revision. Learning is great and it is the only way to push forward. However, if you are unable to retain the information that you have processed and learnt already, you will never score well in Olympiads. Effective recollection and retention of information is more important than ever. This will help you relate different topics and draw conclusions better and more effectively. Moreover, creating notes for self-revision while learning helps in the betterment of answer construction, helps you memorize faster, understand what you are learning better, think out loud and so much more. It is a really efficient technique that toppers from all around the world resort to for cutting their studying and learning time by half.

3. Solve Papers - There is no alternative to this - you have to solve a mountain of sample papers, question banks and mock test papers to be able to say with certain confidence that you can score among the top few. However, it is absolutely indispensible that you choose a good book for this. There are plenty of solved paper books or question banks that miss out on important questions or provide wrong information that ultimately proves to be nothing but a big backlash for you. Oswaal Books' One for All Olympiad is truly the perfect book you can get for this purpose. Aptly named, this book contains solved papers, different difficulty levels of assessments (Levels 1, 2 and Achievers) to infuse progress with accuracy, a plethora of highly recommended sample papers with their own solutions provided, concept reviews with clear examples to help clear concepts, answer key with detailed explanations and a dedicated fun learning section that contains Fun Trivia, 'Did You Know?' and Amazing Facts so that you can learn while having fun as well.

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4. Schedule your learning - You have 24 hours every day but you only need to dedicate 12 hours to studying. This will include short recesses, nap times and food breaks. However, what you really need to do is divide the rest of the 12 hour you have, into sections that are geared towards developing a certain aspect of your preparation process. This way, you can improve your preparation in a wholesome manner. Also, by scheduling your learning, you can save more time throughout the day that you can dedicate to other activities that keep you occupied and entertained, which is equally important since there is no point racking your brain to the point where it collapses altogether.
5. Learn the syllabus -By learning the syllabus, we do not mean learning everything there is in the syllabus. It simply means familiarising yourself with the chapters, concepts and problems that generally occur in the question papers. By learning the syllabus, you can get an edge over the others in the sense that you can develop an effective and sound strategy that helps you to learn faster and smarter, by omitting topics or sections that are of zero or absolutely minimal importance. You can use Oswaal One for All Olympiad book for this purpose.
Olympiads are definitely challenging and securing the top ranks can be considered a herculean task. However, it is not impossible. Start studying early and study from the right books and you shall find yourself making incredible progress in no time at all.
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