IDAP Global introduces the first complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets

ANI | Updated: Jul 05, 2018 14:54 IST

New Delhi [India], July 05 (NewsVoir): Following the widespread approbation of their white paper on ICO for its candor, depth and transparency and on the development of the platform itself, IDAP Global is now gearing up to introduce the first complete Derivatives Ecosystem for Crypto Assets.
Though there are over 200 exchanges across the world today offering crypto trading of major cryptocurrencies, with few of them even offering derivatives like BTC futures or ETH options, there are almost none that offer traders in capital and forex markets with crypto trading choices that provides them protection from direct exposure to cryptocurrencies while also offering low risk alternatives.
Awanish Rajan, Founder and CEO, IDAP Global said, "Being in the trading business for almost a decade, we have a firsthand experience of all the issues that one faces - lack of diversity in trading instruments, poor customer support, underwhelming interfaces, unsophisticated tools for professional traders and the trading platforms being unconducive for those who have migrated from traditional markets to crypto as well as those who are institutional investors and would like to dip their toes in the pool of crypto trading."
IDAP Global seeks to provide traders with a unified crypto derivatives platform where different instruments are offered all under one roof, letting traders choose as per their style and execute a solid trading strategy, one which is grounded in analysis and uses variety of trading instruments for not just lowering risk but also letting you aim higher profits.
Salient features of IDAP's cryptocurrency exchange offer:
Desktop Trading Interface: This allows traders to create customized workspaces, supports multiple screens and enables 'point-and-click' ladder trading where you can give buy and sell orders with just a mouse click.
Simulated Trading Environment: Using real market data to create a virtual trading environment where users can practice without having to use real cryptocurrencies. It is great for training if you are new to trading. Professional traders can utilize it to develop trading strategies and test new strategies.
Large number of derivatives trading product: Futures, spreads and butterflies, American options, Indices and perpetual swaps.
Raising funds for developments through ICO: With pre-sale live now, a total of 1 billion IDAP tokens have been issued, out of which 75 percent are for sale to the public. The tokens are available for the low price of $0.03 per token.
Additional supplementing resources: With educational material about crypto trading with the different types of financial instruments in forms of blogs and videos. (NewsVoir)