IMaCS launches fixed income indices for improved benchmarking

ANI | Updated: Dec 20, 2017 15:33 IST

New Delhi (India), Dec 20 (ANI): A range of fixed income indices to enable objective and comprehensive benchmarking has been launched by ICRA Management Consulting Services Limited (IMaCS),the company said in a release on Wednesday.

IMaCS, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICRA has been providing valuation of fixed income instruments in the Indian market for nearly a decade and has launched these indices as part of its endeavour to develop representative, broad based and reliable benchmarks for Fixed Income instruments.

"ICRA Fixed Income indices will enable asset managers and investors with effective benchmarks to measure the risk-return dynamics of the fixed income market," Sanjeev Sinha, MD and CEO, IMaCS said pointing out that market representative indices will help to effectively analyse various investments.

IMaCS has launched a range of indices such as ICRA Gilt Indices, ICRA Liquid Indices and ICRA Corporate Bond Indices.

ICRA Gilt Indices will help asset managers and investors to track the performance of maturity profiles of their respective portfolios, in terms of the G-Sec performance, IMaCS said.

The constituents of the indices are well diversified covering various issuers and sectors and the indices will be rebalanced every fortnight in the case of liquid indices and every month for the other indices. IMaCS will also be launching hybrid indices in the next few months. (ANI)