Sashank Chourey
Sashank Chourey

India Infotech incorporates AI and Data Analytics to revolutionize digital marketing

ANI | Updated: Oct 04, 2018 16:31 IST

New Delhi [India], Oct 4 (NewsVoir): India Infotech was formed in the year 2009, by an engineering dropout and an ethical hacker, Shashank Chourey. The company bases back to its initial days when it began with just two computers and Rs. 5,000 in the founder's pocket.
What makes the company worth a mention is how it has grown by leaps and bounds and emerged as central India's biggest Digital marketing agency. India Infotech is a trusted and acclaimed name in the realm of digital marketing world, which offers a myriad of service like SEO, SMO and Web Development to clients across the globe.
Being a college dropout, Shashank believes that the world around us has much more to offer than the cliched education format. According to him, if one has the ability to grasp the practical knowledge that we find at every step and adapt to the constantly changing environment, success isn't far away.
Following their founder's belief, the team at India Infotech has thus been able to implement technologies like machine learning and AI into digital marketing. They are among the very first few ones to successfully incorporate and deliver improvised results with its usage. Where agencies are still struggling to find the correct implementation of technologies like AI, India Infotech is already making it big by being one of the first movers. They created an AI bot for a US based, kids clothing online website.
Using Data Analytics they built an algorithm to predict what the customer would buy based on customer preferences, buying patterns, location and 30 other criteria and then they presented the ads in accordance to the probable time the customers would make their next purchase. India Infotech strives to deliver accurate results making conversions for their audience faster and easier than before. They are looking forward to take digital marketing to a whole new level.
The scale and technology at which India Infotech works, has definitely surpassed the basic notion of any xyz digital marketing agency in the market. It has a team of highly qualified and certified professionals which have been executing more than 450 projects every month and have a demonstrated history of completing 20,000+ SEO projects till date. Having mentioned the scale at which they work, their visionary SEM team is no less. They spend close to a million dollars on ads for their clients every month. Their SMO client base includes multiple celebrity accounts as well as fortune 1000 companies.
Founder of India Infotech Sashank Chourey about what he has learnt from his journey so far, he said, "It is never about how qualified you are. It is always about how well you can make things happen."
Beginning with literally nothing in hand, the company records a turnover of more than 2 million dollars in a short span of time. India Infotech has catered projects to a multitude of International clients across borders. With their new establishment of Dallas Based Company, Orion7, India Infotech aims high to take expand its roots around the world. (NewsVoir)