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India witnessed a rare fitness talk by global legend Milos Sarcev

ANI | Updated: Jul 04, 2018 17:41 IST

New Delhi [India], July 4 (ANI-NewsVoir): With the Fit India mission at its core, fitness enthusiast and promoter Manish Talreja, Founder Health and Fitness Body Building Seminar 2018 with support from Dr. Som Tugnait managed a coup, inviting none other than The Milos Sarcev or THE MIND as the world of bodybuilders knows him to speak to a gathering of champions at The DLF Promenade who was the host venue for this event.
Manish, a sports person, successful business-man and a visionary hopes to institutionalize the sport of bodybuilding in India and is thrilled to have Milos, a friend and close associate address Indian champions.
"Bodybuilding as a sport is intrinsic to Indian culture and history. I am glad that we as a nation are able today to welcome legends like Milos with a vision to take this sport to center stage," said Mr. Talreja.
Mr. Sarcev has prepared over 100 Olympia competitors (and advised numerous Olympic athletes and top Professionals from various sports) is meeting and addressing his fitness journey with a panel of India's most acclaimed bodybuilding champions, of the likes of Sangram Chougle, Suhas Khamkar, Shweta Rathore, Ramniwas Malik, Yashmeen Chauhan, Dr Mobina, Bindiya Sharma, Yatinder Singh, Puneet Sandhu, Parveen Solanki, Joginder Singh Saluja, Ankush Bali, Sagar Tugnait, Ranjit Singh Ricky, Bobby Ikram, Karan Gera. Bodybuilders - Kamal Goswami, Abhishek Chatterjee, Paras Gupta, Sandeep Dangi to name a few. He is also personally coaching the only IFBB professional bodybuilder Varinder Singh Ghuman.
Dr. Som Tugnait, former Asian and World medalist also known as the strongman of India was present at the occasion and has been instrumental in putting the seminar together.
Milos Sarcev is an IFBB professional bodybuilder, amateur Mr. Universe (1989) and professional IFBB champion with 110 bodybuilding competitions under his belt of which 72 are professional IFBB shows that he entered (from 1991 until 2003), qualifying for Mr. Olympia competition (the pinnacle of the sport) for 10 consecutive years. Called The Mind - the moniker he was given due to the numerous innovations he brought to bodybuilding is considered one of the most influential bodybuilders in history. He is a pioneer of Intra workout supplementation, Hyperemia Advantage System of Supplementation and training now accepted and followed by millions around the world. He has had an incredible journey in the fitness industry.
From a champion bodybuilder competing in more than 70 IFBB professional shows to one of the best coaches in the modern era, he's done it all. Born in Becej, Serbia, Milos a lover of sports got interested in the gym, originally weight lifting simply to gain strength and improve his athletic ability. After graduating from College, Milos experimented with different principles of training to gain muscle. A qualified nutritionist, he uses his nutritional knowledge and education to become one of the very best bodybuilders of all time and now elite bodybuilding coach who also trains Olympic level athletes.
The Mind's first International competition was the 1988 AAU Mr. Universe in the Light-Heavyweight category. Although he didn't win, he placed a very respectable 3rd, gaining experience and exposure in the industry. A year later, he came back strong, winning the 1989 WPF Mr. Universe in the heavyweight category. (ANI-NewsVoir)