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A total of 60 CEOs from India participated in the survey conducted over Jan and Feb
A total of 60 CEOs from India participated in the survey conducted over Jan and Feb

Indian CEOs ready for challenges of a post-pandemic world: PwC

ANI | Updated: Apr 16, 2021 18:13 IST

New Delhi [India], April 16 (ANI): Nearly 88 per cent of Indian CEOs are confident about global economic growth improving over the next 12 months while 70 per cent are confident about their own revenue growth in the same period, according to the latest PwC's 24th Global CEO Survey.
With the markets recovering gradually, India CEOs are evidently gearing up to ride the consumption wave -- that is seeing a return -- through improved operational efficiencies leading to higher profitability.
At the same time, they are aware and ready for the challenges of a post-pandemic world. To that end India CEOs are willing to invest long-term in digital transformation, leadership and talent development, and cyber security over the next three years to achieve sustainable profitable growth.
A total of 60 CEOs from India participated in the survey conducted over January and February.
It said 42 per cent of India CEOs are focusing on productivity through automation and technology as a workforce strategy to make the greatest impact on their organisation's competitiveness while 35 per cent are focused on health and well-being of the workforce.

In India, 28 per cent CEOs have explicitly factored climate change and environmental damage into their strategic risk management activities.
About 70 per cent CEOs view pandemics as a top threat to growth while 62 per cent consider cyber threats as an impediment to growth. And 53 per cent view uncertain economic growth as one of the top threats.
Nearly 63 per cent factor in speed of technological change as a top threat while 57 per cent consider availability of key skills and changing consumer behaviour as top threats.
For long-term investments, 93 per cent are willing to invest more in digital transformation while 90 per cent will opt for leadership and talent development.
The survey said a majority of India CEOs see the United States as their largest export growth market. In fact, for India CEOs the top territories of growth other than the US are the UK, China, Bangladesh, Germany and the UAE.
The strong economic performance of the US on the back of a large stimulus and less disruptive decision-making will provide an additional boost to the exporting companies. (ANI)