Speed of Sound Records
Speed of Sound Records

Indie Artists- Easiest route to fame

ANI | Updated: Apr 30, 2021 18:34 IST

New Delhi [India], April 30 (ANI/SRV Media): The Indie music industry is set for another major disruption after YouTube and Spotify thanks to a new record label that's changing the game and empowering independent artists to commercialize their music, collaborate and get launched.
Speed of Sound Records, a record label launched by music aficionados Abhinav Sadarangani & Dharmadev Maniar, aims to disrupt the industry by creating a dynamic, interactive platform that allows musicians to monetize their creative portfolio, get launched and collaborate with each other.
Abhinav is a graduate from University of Exeter, UK & looks at the music business end, while Dharmadev Maniar is a music composer with a bachelor's degree in Music from AR Rahman's conservatory, Chennai.
Launched in India and the UK, the platform has trained its focus on the Indie music scene and has generated a buzz in both countries, which is evident from the user reviews on the website.
Speaking about what inspired the duo to launch a platform like this, Founder Dharmadev Maniar says, "The music industry needs change, a change for the empowerment of our Indie community who believe, create and collaborate".

In a move that can be described as democratization of the music industry, the record label through its platform called speedofsound.io allows musicians to commercialize their music in the form of stock clips, which are available for trial and purchase. The seller decides the price and continues to own the copyright of the music through transparent, artist-friendly contracts. SOS is a member of the Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS).
Abhinav Sadarangani, Founder, describes Speed of Sound as a movement that's giving the power back in the hands of artists - "The company is for the artists, by the artists and with the artists".

The platform also allows people from the music and related fraternity to connect with each other and form collaborations. So, if you are a music composer looking for a cellist, you can find one right on the platform. The platform extends to include artists like fashion designers, stylists, choreographers and more. "We as music composers are always looking for new voices to work with. Speed of Sound as a platform was very much needed" quipped a regular user of the website".
The label also launches select promising artists on over 50 platforms to get them the visibility that they need. "Speed of Sound approached me with their infectious energy and belief in the potential of the song. Thus, empowering me to continue my self-discovery as an indie artist from India", says Parth Zeth - one of the artists recently launched by the label.
Speed of Sound has now also entered the film industry. Artists and collaborators will be given a break and launched alongside established artists for creating music for films. The vision is to launch and establish artists through film projects in India and abroad.
Speed of Sound is supported by leading names from the Indian music fraternity like Shankar Mahadevan and Siddharth Mahadevan and has an exciting lineup of collaborations to watch out for. The father-son duo has performed a track composed by Speed of Sound Records specifically for the platform, and it has garnered over a million views on YouTube in a short span of time.
"For an indie artist to have a platform like Speed of Sound that allows them to express themselves in this way is really important. It was not the case 5-7 years ago but Speed of Sound is changing the times. This platform will help us in recommending new talents, I'd love to work with them and collaborate for future projects", says Siddharth Mahadevan.
Know more about them, website: https://www.speedofsound.io
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