Indifi Technologies rolls out working capital solution for B2B startups

ANI | Updated: Dec 05, 2017 13:39 IST

New Delhi [India], Dec 5 (ANI): To support the growth of such businesses in the country, SME financing enabler in India, Indifi Technologies has launched Invoice Discounting line of credit, a debt financing-based working capital solution for B2B start-ups to get easy loans and improve cash flows.

With Indifi's collateral-free Invoice Discounting loans, businesses can finance their working capital needs by getting funds against unpaid invoices to large/regular B2B clients, and ensure smooth operations.

B2B companies reach a certain point, from time to time, wherein their revenues exceed the amount of equity capital they have. Despite achieving a massive growth rate, these businesses usually suffer from cash deficits, due to the credit period they have to give their customers.

To reduce this deficit, they must raise equity capital. However, raising capital through equity is a costly and time-consuming proposition for small businesses just starting up or beginning the next phase of growth.

With Indifi's Invoice Discounting credit lines, these B2B businesses can get the money when they need it, and repay the amount when they receive payments from the client.

"Indifi is dedicated to solving the credit issues faced by small businesses across sectors in the country. Having spent over a decade as a VC and angel investor, I've seen several B2B companies use equity to fund working capital, as a result of which they are unable to realise their plans to scale up," said CEO and co-founder Indifi Technologies, Alok Mittal.

The services offered by Indifi are being actively availed by businesses belonging to an array of industry verticals, including technology, food, retail, e-commerce, and travel.

The platform identifies gaps in cash flow that limit growth and extends working capital to the businesses in a timely manner. Borrowers are merely required to fill a simple application form, and share minimal documents.

It has minimized the overall turnaround time with automated workflow management, which is increasing the adoption of its debt financing services. With Indifi, businesses are availing term loans and credit lines worth up to Rs. 50 lakh (and often more). (ANI)