Invest smart with these asset class investment options

ANI | Updated: Jan 05, 2018 12:53 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 5 (ANI): Fixed Deposits, investment in gold, Real Estate and many other traditional options are losing grounds when trying to woo the new age investors.

It has been even observed that millennials are slow to start investing in stock market. But are they not enough educated about investment options?

A research from the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies indicated that nearly three-quarters of millennials are saving for retirement and that we started doing so at an earlier age than previous generations.

Here are some of the alternate investment options which are wooing this smart generation of leaders and becoming an asset class investment options:

P2P lending:

It is like investing in debt; the capital risk is lower, and there exist ways to mitigate it. Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending in India currently gives a net return of 18-22 percent to lenders. This is chiefly achieved by connecting lenders directly with borrowers by players like Faircent, something which drastically reduces the operational costs.

In case a borrower defaults, investors can pursue legal recourse against the borrower. Such a provision is not possible if you invest in stocks and bonds. By diversifying your investment across different borrowers, you will begin to mirror the overall default rate of the platform, gaining stability and consistency within your portfolio and enjoying the returns just like a bank does.

Mutual Funds:

A mutual fund is not an alternative investment option to stocks and bonds; rather it pools the money of several investors and invests this in stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other types of securities. Buying a mutual fund is like buying a small slice of a big pizza.

Digital Gold:

Digital gold currency (or DGC) is a form of electronic money (or digital currency) based on mass units of gold. It is a kind of representative money that are exchangeable for gold on demand. The typical unit of account for such currency is linked to grams or troy ounces of gold, although other units such as the gold dinar are sometimes used. DGCs are backed by gold through unallocated or allocated gold storage.

Digital gold currencies are issued by a number of companies like now Paytm as well, each of which provides a system that enables users to pay each other in units that hold the same value as gold bullion. These competing providers issue a type of independent currency. (ANI)