InVideo launches the April Fool's Day Campaign, pranks 2500 people

ANI | Updated: Apr 05, 2021 15:41 IST

New Delhi [India], April 5 (ANI/The PRTree): The global SaaS Company, InVideo, launched a whacky campaign for this April Fool's Day with an innovative concept to engage its audience with their prank. Announcing a new IVA (Intelligent Video Assistant) feature which could take audio instruction, the company received an organic reach of 200K users across all social media platforms.
Just a few days before April Fool Day, the company carved a plan optimizing all its digital properties, to make a fun launch of a new feature. It played a prank by announcing a new IVA (Intelligent Video Assistant) feature, a voice command video editor assistant which creates videos for users in minutes, without them having to lift a finger. The company took to its social media platforms and issued a press release as a part of the prank.
InVideo's creative team made a landing page outlining all the benefits of the AI video maker asking users to sign up to get updates and early access to the feature which is set to launch in April. The fun part was when the CEO, Sanket Shah posted a video on Facebook announcing the launch of IVA, just as he has been doing it for every new product launch in the past.
As soon as the campaign rolled out, people started engaging by adding their comments. One such user, Vivek Khandelwal, was thrilled with the thought of never-seen-before voice command for a video-creating app. Whereas, other users jumped at the opportunity and signed up for IVA.

There were messages and tweets about the launch of IVA. Taking it a step further and to make it sound more believable, InVideo sent out a newsletter introducing the IVA feature with a 'call to action' - so that the existing users can be the first in the queue to get their access, or should we say, get fooled!
The entire campaign seemed so real that more than 2000 people subscribed to the waitlist. A little secret, even brand competitors signed up for early access to know about this fun feature. On 1st April, InVideo provided a link to all its registered users, only to reveal that it was all a practical joke - while a voice assistant does exist, it can't churn out videos (not as yet at least)
Sanket Shah, CEO of Invideo said, "The idea behind this prank was to make a bold move and entice the audience with something to look forward to.
Aside from the entertainment generated by the campaign, we are pleased with the interest shown by our audience, and the insightful data it has provided for our learning as a consumer brand. This was an excellent marketing tactic with a whole lot of fun!" With the IVA launch prank, InVideo left no stone unturned. The brand fooled the media by issuing a press announcement, and here's what they talked about the 'The IVA Launch'.
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