Japan offers great tourist shopping experience

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2017 18:32 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Nov 24 (ANI): BIC CAMERA is one of Japan's leading consumer electronics retailers. BICQLO, the flagship store of BIC CAMERA is located in Shinjuku Ward which is one of the busiest districts in Tokyo Metropolitan.

Many people visit BICQLO every day. Inside the store, in addition to many home appliances a huge variety of items are displayed such as household goods, cosmetics and food items. BICQLO has a dedicated tax exemption register dedicated to foreign tourists.

"BICQLO has been expanding its top sales among BIC CAMERA chain stores. Approximately 30 percent of all customers are from foreign countries. BIC CAMERA collaborated with UNIQLO which is a clothing apparel company. We merged our brand names and came up with the name BICQLO. There are quite a lot of tourists who buy many souvenirs at our store. This is the special coupon for foreign tourists. We deduct 8 percent tax duty, and then another 7 per cent is deducted. This coupon can be used in all BIC CAMERA shops nationwide," said Jun Izumi, Official, BIC CAMERA.

To celebrate the 35th Anniversary of G-Shock, the Shock the World Premium event was held at the famous Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York, as the G-Shock became popular in the United States first.

All the past models of G-Shock to the latest models were exhibited at the event, along with models in collaboration with various artists and creators. The creator of the first G-Shock, Kikuo Ibe, and other guest speakers were also present at the press conference. The latest G-Shock using sapphire crystal was also put on display. (ANI)