Japanese retail chain Bic Camera hires foreign staff

ANI | Updated: Jan 24, 2018 15:35 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Jan 24 (ANI): Japan's inbound tourism has been increasing every year, causing it to strengthen the approach towards handling the larger numbers of visitors expected during the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020.

In this regard, "Bic Camera", a consumer electronics retailer, is employing many foreign staff.

As in the retail and service industry, additional hospitality and services are necessary to allow the foreign tourists to fully enjoy the sightseeing and shopping experiences. One important factor is to overcome the language barrier that the foreign visitors may face in Japan.

Takaki Endou, a company official, said, "The reason for employing foreign staff is that many customers from overseas visit our store. We realised that the language barrier is the most important thing to overcome in order to take care of any foreign customers. Our overseas staff can now guide and talk with the customers in their own language."

Many of the foreign staff who work in Bic Camera decided to work there because they had experienced the feeling of enjoyment and reward of working in the customer service sector when they worked in part-time jobs in the service industry in Japan.

"In the past, I came to shop in Bic camera when I was still a student, and I received a very wonderful service. I am now a sales worker, and my job is to guide customers who visit our shop. And when customers from Vietnam visit, I will guide them in Vietnamese," said a staff from Vietnam.

Bic Camera has staff from eight different countries, such as China, Vietnam, and Thailand. They are always outstanding in their hospitality, and it is possible for foreign tourists to communicate in their native tongue and in Japanese. As for foreign staff, they can also experience and learn the hospitality of Japan.

The hospitality of the foreign staff is receiving high praise from tourists.

"I think Bic Camera has a very good service. All staff are very kind to me. If I had any questions, they always answer to me very kindly, and that is so good," said a foreign tourist.

Responding to foreign customers in their native tongue is becoming a big reason for the increase in Japanese tourism. (ANI)