Japan's Rinni forays into Chinese market to fight against air pollution

ANI | Updated: Jan 03, 2018 16:53 IST

Beijing [China], Jan.3 (ANI): Economic development in China led to social problems such as air pollution from exposure to atmospheric particulate matter.

One of the main causes of the pollution is the emissions generated from the burning of coal.

Therefore, the government is planning to ban the use of coal and switch to using natural gas at the area near the metropolis of Beijing and Tianjin.

The natural gas pipeline infrastructure has been built and spread the use of a high combustion and highly efficient gas boilers.

Weidong Li, President, Beijing Sangyuehai Trading Co., Ltd., said, "Beijing has been expanding its efforts to reduce air pollution for about two years through a number of phases. The transformation of switching to the use of natural gas in rural areas has become a major issue for the city of Beijing. The speed and effort to change has been fast, along with the strong implementation of this policy the last few years."

Shanghai Rinnai is striving positively to market gas boilers in this campaign.

Having expanded its product line-up, the company began increasing production capacity when it began operating a new plant in March 2017.

Yan Zhang, General Manager, Hebei Ming Quan Geothermal Development Co Ltd., said, "This year, the government implemented a policy to switch from the use of coal to natural gas, mainly to improve air quality in the surrounding areas. We would like to make the sky blue again. We have been a representative sales and marketing agent of Rinnai products since 2002, having sold the gas boiler for about 150,000 units so far. The performance of the products is stable. Earn the reputation from users of its high quality, and very easy to use."

Xiao Dong Qin, Director, Shanghai Rinnai Co., Ltd., said, "The switch from the use of coal to natural gas is a strategic development of China's energy structure. Looking back now, Rinnai has the highest degree of perfection in terms of overall cooperation in this campaign. From now on, we would like to further improve our network construction and after-sales services, and to demonstrate Rinnai's ability in this project. Rinnai's products save energy, are eco-friendly, and will definitely contribute to the Chinese market."

Shanghai Rinnai has definitely inherited Japanese DNA quality and will contribute and improve the quality of life for the Chinese. (ANI)