JEE Main 2021 Exam
JEE Main 2021 Exam

JEE Main 2021 Exam: How to practice leading question types to secure 250+ in last 30 days

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2021 18:46 IST

New Delhi [India], April 9 (ANI/ Oswaal Books): April & May Exam Dates for JEE MAIN 2021 Exam are around the corner. Most students, who are ambitious about cracking JEE MAIN Exam 2021, generally need to start early.
It can either be from the 12th Standard or the Intermediate Second Year. It takes a lot of practice and some depth of knowledge to be able to clear the JEE MAINS 2021 with a respectable score. JEE MAIN Exam Dates 2021 for Phase 3 are 27 to 30 April and for the 4th Phase, JEE MAIN Exam Dates are 24 to 28 May.
One month is nowhere close to being enough time for a student to cover the entire syllabus exhaustively. However, that doesn't mean that a student cannot secure top ranks by studying for just 30 days. All you need is the right direction, the right study materials and some helpful tricks to help make the process easy.
Important tips for JEE Main 2021 Exam - The last 30 days are the most important
There are particular strategies that you need to adopt. Let us highlight a handful of such tips and strategies:
1. Solve Leading Question Types- If you know what kind of questions are generally asked, what the framing of the question is or the spectrum for that matter, then it becomes a lot easier for you to develop a suitable studying strategy that caters to the study pattern. This means reading and going through question banks like those by Oswaal Books while simultaneously reading the topics. JEE MAIN Question Banks 2021 are the perfect guide for comprehensive preparation and extensive practice of questions, varying difficulty levels and typologies. This way, the student knows how much weight to allocate to each of the topics so that they can make the most of the time and use the last 30 days to their absolute advantage.
Oswaal Chapter-wise and Topic-wise JEE MAIN Solved Papers are leading Question Banks for 2021 Exams, which is based on the latest Scheme of Examination issued by the NTA on 16th Dec 2020. It contains 2019 & 2020 Question Papers with solutions. Here Subjective (Integer Types) Questions would help for extensive practice. It also includes Commonly Made Errors to polish concepts and Mind Maps for better retention.

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2. Keep testing yourself with Sample Question Papers - (Know the question paper pattern). The best tools you have at your disposal are sample papers to test your preparation and help for self-assessment. The entire point of solving Oswaal Books' sample papers is to familiarize oneself with the examination paper pattern, the questioning ideas and what is generally asked of the students. Another thing this helps the students in is training them to answer the toughest of papers with precision, within the given amount of time. This is where most students falter - they know it all but are unable to handle the pressure and fail to complete the paper, which ultimately results in missing out on important marks. Solving JEE MAIN Sample Papers 2021 helps the students to develop these essential traits while also training their paraphrasing skills.
Oswaal JEE MAIN Sample Papers for 2021 Exams contains 15 Mock Test for JEE (MAIN) 2021 that are designed after thorough research & include all typologies of Questions specified by the NTA.
It helps in Subjective Analysis to get on top of the test paper pattern. It also includes Mind Maps of related subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics; Mnemonics to boost memory and confidence and easy to scan QR Codes for online content. It also contains JEE (Main) Previous Years Papers: 2019 & 2020. You may also find Feb & March Exams 2021 Question Papers in it via QR Code.

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3. Make a study planner - Probably one of the first things you need to do is make a study planner or a schedule whereby you need to plan out the last 30 days before the examination so that not a single hour is wasted. There is a lot of ground to cover and the subjects are not easy. The syllabus is expansive and requires a deeper level of understanding of the subjects. This means dedicating enough time to each of the subjects so that your overall marks are right up there with the best. For this, you need to be intelligent with the study schedule so that you can allocate enough time to each of the subjects to make equal progress. Also, making study planners helps you distribute enough time to studying, revising and solving papers.
4. Revise with tools - Revision is a must every day for at least a good hour. It helps in keeping things fresh in the mind. With so much studying to do in just 30 days, students find it difficult to process, retain and recall every bit of information that they come across. For revision, students can use their notes or acquire other tools that make the process more feasible and time-efficient.
5. Sleep well - Don't lose your sleep over the examination because all of the above gets nullified if you do not get enough sleep. The mind and the body need rest and you need to give it to them so that they can keep working at the optimum level. Always keep yourself energized and sleep well so that the brain can cope with the immense pressure and continue to deliver. Abstain from indulging in electronics and instead, spend that time taking power naps or resting your eyes and brain so that you can go the distance.
These are a few tips that can help you perform exceptionally well in your 2021 JEE Mains. If you aim to secure a score above 250 in the last 30 days, then this is your best bet.
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