Jurm Ka Chehra - A crime thriller
Jurm Ka Chehra - A crime thriller

Jurm Ka Chehra - A crime thriller to get your adrenaline rushing

ANI | Updated: Sep 01, 2021 13:45 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 1 (ANI/Mediawire): Crime is dynamic; it changes over time.
Cyber-crime, dating app fraud, identity theft, child pornography, burglary, violence, sex or drugs, road rage, human trafficking, etc. are some of the modern age crimes evolved in recent times.
While living in a world where there is rapid social, political, economic, and technological change, we all can be victims or covered criminals in our own world.
There's nothing weird about being true crime obsessed. We are living in a golden age of true crime content, from documentaries to podcasts to Television shows and books; TV crime shows have become some of the most popular shows in the world over recent years. Crime, the most-loved, popular and probably the most-watched genre has developed way beyond just gory details and gruesome murders. Crime shows are usually paired with mystery, suspense, drama and thrill, which results in a recipe that does the trick for most viewers. Every time a new crime movie or show releases, it naturally finds its way on the top 10 most-watched titles on any platform.
Another stellar addition to the thrill and crime shows is 'Jurm Ka Chehra' - Ab Hoga Crime Benaqaab on The Q Channel. 'Jurm Ka Chehra' is The Q's first original crime fiction show that will premiere on 4th Sept, 2021 at 9 pm and will subsequently air on every Saturday & Sunday at the same time. So, grab a tray of snacks and pep it up with this crime thriller to get your adrenaline rushing.
The Q is India's fast growing Hindi general entertainment channel with presence across platforms including DD Free Dish. The channel continues to engage viewers, especially targeting millennials with its compelling and clutter-breaking content through its multi-genre shows. With an aim to further strengthen and expand its library, The Q is all set to lure viewers with the addition of their first TV original - 'Jurm Ka Chehra'.

Hosted by renowned actor Kinshuk Vaidya, the storytelling in this show makes it easy for audiences to become addicted. The show will take viewers through strange and intriguing cases with every episode. The episodes will highlight the heinous crimes being committed in Indian society ranging from routine situations to more complex events such as cybercrimes, online frauds and more.
Can you tell who a criminal is just by looking at them? No, you can't! The offenders can be right around us; they don't have a typical criminal face as they can be someone who we know. 'Jurm Ka Chehra' is inspired by the modern age crime and attempts to create awareness among the viewers by showcasing in a compelling series of episodes.
One of the launch week episodes 'Zeher' presents a real brutal suspense of murders, one after the other. A young man's body is found by the cops bludgeoned to death; Cops learn through investigation about the multiple suspects but they are shell shocked when one of them is brutally killed in the same fashion. Baffled cops are surrounded by a pool of questions. What's next? Is he going to strike again? At every stage, this story triggers the detective in you and keeps you engulfed.
Whereas the other 'Majburi' is zara hatke, focusing on the new age crime like ATM fraud. Increasing cases of ATM robberies in the vicinity troubles the local police, linked death and how police investigate this mystery; the shocking revelation and murder connection will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time.
Once you start watching this crime show, there is no going back. It will grab your attention despite everything else going on. Every episode has an interesting mystery or plot twist and unexpected revelations as the story goes on. Anyone who has a passion for solving mysteries will love to watch this crime show; to figure out what drove these people to this extreme act, and what makes them tick.
So, get ready to play armchair detective while you watch ' Jurm Ka Chehra' and see if you can figure out 'whodunit' before it gets revealed.
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