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Aksha Kamboj
Aksha Kamboj

KBJ Group welcomes Mohit Kamboj's wife Aksha Kamboj in the management

ANI | Updated: Jun 24, 2021 16:29 IST

New Delhi [India], June 24 (ANI/Digpu): KBJ Group, the Mumbai-based private conglomerate recently welcomed its new member, Aksha Kamboj, wife of Mohit Kamboj.
Aksha Kamboj has become an active member of the management and administration department in husband Mohit Kamboj's renowned business KBJ Group.
Founded in 2005, KBJ Group is a family-owned business spread in diverse sectors, from real estate and hospitality to jewellery and entertainment. The firm employs about 150-250 employees at present. Former President of IBJA (Indian Bullion and Jewellery Association), Mohit Kamboj is the current CEO of the company.
Stepping out from her full-time role as a mother, Aksha Kamboj will now support her husband in the family business. "With the little ones grown up and engaged in their own activities, it is time to take on the work-life and the responsibility with husband," says Aksha Kamboj.
Aksha Kamboj shares her experience of becoming a mother early in life and the changes in priorities and vision it brought for her. The responsibility of bringing up two young kids sparked her interest in child nutrition and the importance of parenthood in children's lives. Aksha Kamboj has been vocal about the need to ensure proper nutrition for children in the country. She is an advocate for mindful childcare by focusing on the physical, mental and emotional needs of the children in their formative years so that they grow up to be healthy, competent individuals of tomorrow.
After devoting the past 12 years of her life to take care of her children, Aksha Kamboj is expanding her area of responsibility with her recent professional stint. She holds a PG Diploma in Event Management and Advertising which will prove to be beneficial for her role as a board member in the management of KBJ Group. AkshaKamboj says that she is excited to become a part of the KBJ Group and hopes to work for the progress of the firm with the skillset she brings to the table.
Commenting on his wife's new endeavor, Mohit Kamboj expresses his adoration for Aksha. He says that Akshais a strong woman, and now a keen businesswoman.
In the past, it was upsetting to see that women were under-represented in higher positions in various sectors of the industry. A woman's role as a mother was perceived as their absolute identity and the domestic work limited their participation in the public. Aksha Kamboj stands as a marker of the changing times. Women in the 21st century are mothers as well as businesswomen. The two need not be exclusive, she adds.
Aksha believes that women must live their lives to the fullest and should be given opportunities to explore their interests and potential. She plans to use her patience as a mother of two young kids and her eye for detail and precision to the benefit of KBJ Group in her new role in the firm. Aksha Kamboj also opines that both parents working as well as giving time and attention at home will also make them inspiring role models for their children. The kids will learn the importance of having a healthy lifestyle by maintaining a balance between work and personal life, she says.
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