Rajesh Singh, Chairman - Kunwar's Global School
Rajesh Singh, Chairman - Kunwar's Global School

Kunwar's Global School - intelligence beyond boundaries

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2019 16:27 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 8 (NewsVoir): At Kunwar's Global School - KGS, education is not confined to the proverbial three R's of academic excellence. The school has a holistic approach wherein education becomes not only a tool for individual development but also acts as a catalyst for collective enrichment and qualitative transformation of society.
Education at KGS encompasses within its fold inculcation of qualities of head and heart, a spirit of tolerance, love and compassion, concern for the environment and its preservation and promotion of traditional Indian values rooted in our ancient culture. They believe in value-based education and regards education as a means to nation-building.
The school not only plays an important role in preparing community leaders in the field of science, arts, business, industry, politics and sports, but also aims at making children capable of becoming responsible and productive members of a global society. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are instilled in children through learning experiences and ample opportunities are created for them in the school.
It is in the class room that learners can analyze and evaluate their experiences, learn to doubt, to question, to investigate and are driven to think independently.
According to Chairman - Kunwar's Global School, Mr. Rajesh Singh, "Kunwar's Global is a choice that will reveal the true potential of everyone who becomes a part of it, whether they are the faculty members or the highly capable children of today. I'm hopeful that Lucknow will feel proud of the existence of a school that has taken birth out of a commitment to giving the best to the society and not merely make loads of profit. We've stepped in with a purpose to make a difference because we believe that to make a difference in someone's life you don't have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. You just have to care enough and be there. Our school value is to achieve excellence in academic."
A study conducted with the parents of children studying in the school suggests that Mr. Rajesh Singh's kind and keen attention to the needs of each and every student makes them feel comfortable and loved. He is emotionally attached to the institution thus, leaves no stone unturned to make the students feel 'at home', like a Second Guardian.
At Kunwar's Global, teachers are passionate to motivate the students in gearing them positively and they are willing to teach them to 'think out of the box'. They lay more emphasis on the teachers who can understand the thinking, difficulties, dispositions, and interests of the learners. The teachers believe in experimental and student-centric learning.
They are capable to facilitate and foster contextual learning bridging various disciplines and curriculum areas with real-time experiences. KGS provides comprehensive support to their teachers that includes face-to-face and online training information in regards to curriculum framework, teacher guides, lists of resources and a secure support site.
KGS, have separate Studios of Intelligence conceived as separate labs for science & language learning installed with digital smart equipment to facilitate easy learning through the 'do and learn' model. The school also supports and motivates students for extracurricular activities to strengthen the cultural and aesthetic values among the students.
We also provide ample opportunities to our students in the field of dance (classical and western), art & craft. The school offers a wide range of sports through its world-class facilities for football, cricket, basketball and skating court. The indoor fitness and sports hall has marked itself as one of the most advanced in the region. They offer boarding facilities to all students, boarding house provides a stimulating and supportive environment.
The students are housed in comfortable large airy rooms, with optimum natural light, air conditioning, and recreational arrangements, accommodating 4 students in a room with separate reading space.
Human life attains its true fulfillment when drudgery of existence gets transformed into a meaningful pursuit and education is undesirably the most potent tool to bring about this transformation. Each individual is born with some inherent talent and it is through education that this talent gets nurtured, encouraged, and sharpened to find its most creative expression. (NewsVoir)