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Lipa Rath, practitioner of QHHT and Past Life Regression Specialist, launches Center in Gurgaon

ANI | Updated: Mar 13, 2018 16:43 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 13 (ANI-NewsVoir): Lipa Rath is dedicated to helping individuals resolve issues, such as marital and relationship concerns, emotional trauma, chronic pain, issues about recurrent cancer, issues relating to sex-change and challenges with sexual abuse, anger and hatred towards a parent, anxiety, depression and lack of self-confidence. She is one of three practicing QHHT practitioners in India and approximately 1600 globally.

QHHT or Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique was developed and taught by the legendary Dolores Cannon of USA. It's one of its kind for its simplicity and effectiveness as a healing therapy. There are no limits to this healing modality other than the limits of an individuals' imagination. Over the years QHHT has been proven to be effective on thousands of people all over the world irrespective of their age, gender, issues or cultural backgrounds.

QHHT works with the very core of an individual's subconscious mind, to discover the actual root of issues rather than dealing with them at a symptomatic level. QHHT focuses on bringing about an awareness of the subconscious mind and identifying limiting beliefs or barriers which stop an individual from achieving what they want in their life. Lipa in her experiences with clients has facilitated changes towards a positive and more meaningful way of life.

Lipa explains that stories of "Karma and Reincarnation" were a much-discussed part of her growing up, along with discussions on destiny and free-will. How much free will do we truly have? How much of it do we exercise consciously in our day to day lives? Through her own past life regression, she understood her fears and where they came from and how vows taken in the past-lives play up in the current life. These vows stop us from doing what we are supposed to do here and now. When we are aware of our role, we are more aligned with our purpose.

Dolores said, "Health is the most natural thing to have when we don't interfere with it. And we stay healthy when we are in alignment with that what we are supposed to be doing."

Each session lasts for five to six hours. Everything is covered in one session and is split into three parts of facilitation.

The first is getting to know the client and building a rapport to understand the issues the client is facing. By encouraging the client to share and verbalize their problems.

The second part is to take the client into a state of deep relaxation and start to access the subconscious mind. In this state, the client is in touch with their higher self and is ready to identify solutions for their issues. The entire thing is audio taped, and the client is advised to hear it every night to reinforce the healing.

The third part of the session is the closure, wrap up, and understanding of the session and gives the client clarity on what they experienced and what they need to do. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, to fully assimilate the session, as many experience miracles.

The clinic has been launched to help individuals who are suffering from a variety of issues and are unable to resolve them. After learning and practicing different modalities of hypnotherapy, Lipa finally found QHHT method to be the most effective and reliable way to get solutions and directions. "Past life regression reveals what we are ready to understand and assimilate in order to move ahead in our current life with harmony, peace, and balance" said Lipa.

Here is what some of her clients have to say about their experience with QHHT:

I'm feeling much lighter now. The experience was mind-blowing and extremely meaningful for me, in order for me to move on with my current life. The help and support from Lipa was a big part of it. She is thoroughly professional and experienced. - Helene D, UK/ Mysore, India, February 2018.

Lipa works with a lot of compassion. She listens deeply and helps one assess their inner truth they want to uncover layer by layer. I am fortunate to have met Lipa as a mere coincidence and happy seeing my inner healing at work continuously. - Vasudha Narayan, Service industry, Gurugram, January 2018.

Lipa is a registered level-2 QHHT practitioner. She has also certified in clinical hypnotherapy from the California Hypnosis Institute. Prior to her experience in the wellness field, she has worked as an HR professional in the corporate world and has also authored a book, "Living Courageously". (ANI-NewsVoir)