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Lock down blues? Learn to impress your crush with these super helpful tips by Harsh Beniwal!
Lock down blues? Learn to impress your crush with these super helpful tips by Harsh Beniwal!

Lock down blues? Learn to impress your crush with these super helpful tips by Harsh Beniwal!

ANI | Updated: Jan 06, 2022 10:27 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 6 (ANI/Mediawire): With students gearing to get back to campus life but deprived yet again due to the rising COVID19 cases, one can't help but wonder what is going through the minds of all those who have been waiting to get back to or start college!
For most of us - the academia is easier to tackle, what we struggle with are those real-life experiences: the highs and lows of friendship, the drama of campus romances and the heartbreaks that truly shape who we become as adults.
Your first crush in college is usually a messy affair. We plot and plan but, in the end, most of us prefer to leave these in the safe house of our daydreams. But for those who don't want to live with should have and could have, we've got some pro tips from the internet sensation Harsh Beniwal, who effectively lived his college life whilst shooting for his upcoming webseries on MX Player - Campus Dairies. Harsh is playing the role of the janta ka banda - a popular, cool, tough guy who is secretly a romantic at heart and we got him reminiscing about what he did to win hearts!
1. Confidence is the stairway to your crush's heart - You are so much more than your appearance! Nothing can replace a good attitude and personality. Regardless of your gender or your crush, confidence "tohhonachahiye!"
2. Dress to Impress - Aesthetics matter. Your clothing decides your personality and the type of person you are. Do some research and figure out what type of style would look good on you, styles that appeal most to you and above all - something that you are comfortable in. My character Sudheer loves wearing checked shirts in multiple colors with a good old pair of jeans (A great mix of style and comfort) and from all the love I'm getting on my social media to the trailer, I believe this combo a hit.
3. Be opinionated with a tinge of humor- Whether you're already friends with your crush or have met him/her, having an opinion and a healthy discussion is always a good idea. You can impress your crush with topics you love to discuss, or by adding your own 'tadka' to their side of the story to give conversation an interesting turn taaki insaan ko lage ki aap interested ho or just laugh at their jokes! Sudheer always handles every situation with humor - even when the Professor asks him to get out, he smiles and thanks the Professor before exiting the class!
4. Be nice but smell nicer for fragrant flashbacks - If you're determined to date your crush then the fragrant flashbacks are a must! "Khushboo ho aisikiinsaantumhebhooljaye par tumharikhushboo ko nahi." It is important to smell good, BO can be a huge turn off. And the best part about smelling good, it releases happy hormones!
5. Self-love is the key to their love- "Pehle khud se pyaar karo baki apne aap hota rehega." Nobody wants to come across as a desperado. While you're on your journey to impress the reason of the fluttering butterflies in your stomach, don't forget your roots. Remember, you want them to love and appreciate the REAL you. There's no point showing them you're perfect because no one is!
Campus Diaries is a coming-of-age drama of five students at Excel University. But this one is so-not-your-regular-college-drama because it goes beyond the routine masti and dosti plots that quintessential youth dramas portray and tackles relevant yet lesser discussed issues like ragging, discrimination based on societal bias's, one sided love stories, rampant drug abuse and toxic relationships that mould your personality and ready you to face the real world.
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The series stars Harsh Beniwal, Ritvik Sahore, Saloni Gaur, Salonie Patel, Abhinav Sharma and Srishti Ganguli Rindani amongst others and is created by Prem Mistry and Abhishek Yadav. All episodes drop on 7th January, exclusively on MX Player.
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