M P Birla launches "Perfect Plus" super-premium cement brand

ANI | Updated: Apr 18, 2018 18:35 IST

Maihar (Madhya Pradesh)/ Chanderia (Rajasthan) [India], Apr. 18 (NewsVoir): M P Birla Cement launched its new super-premium brand, Perfect Plus, simultaneously from its Maihar (Madhya Pradesh) and Chanderia (Rajasthan) plants.

The superior technology product contains enhanced deflocculated ultra-fine particles of cement, with 'Hyper Active Molecules', which results in the formation of superior binding gel (C-S-H) that enhances the performance of concrete.

Perfect Plus increases the level of inter-bonding among cement particles, forming a 'dense concrete matrix'. This makes the concrete strong and durable for the most vital sections of the building - foundation, pillar and roofing.

Perfect Plus' high early strength of concrete helps remove the formwork (shuttering) fast and ensures speedier progress of construction. The reduced permeability of concrete automatically resists penetration of aggressive water and chemical. This protects steel against chloride damage. Corrosion of reinforcing steel is the cause of concrete deterioration, increasing the durability and life of the concrete structure.

Perfect Plus' advanced formulation ensures optimization of water demand of fresh concrete, reducing voids/porosity and increasing strength.

Perfect Plus comes with the assurance of MP Birla Cement's on-site services. Dedicated customer service is provided by expert civil engineers. Equipped with 'concrete testing vans', they guide and demonstrate product quality and provide tailor-made solutions to have homes built perfectly strong and durable.

"With its long heritage as one of the premier cement manufacturers of the country, MP Birla Cement has always put the customer at the heart of the business and continuously strive to offer value-added offerings for discerning customers. MP Birla Cement understands that building a home is a labour of love and, therefore, does not stop at supplying cement but, as per its credo, partners the home-builder 'Cement Se Ghar Tak'," said Sandip Ranjan Ghose, Executive President of MP Birla Cement.

MP Birla Cement's best in class Customer Support Services are available to customers: Customer Support Service team: Toll Free: 1800 123 1117. (NewsVoir)