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Thikedaar.com offers customers to build their dream house from where ever they are based on their preference for material and budget
Thikedaar.com offers customers to build their dream house from where ever they are based on their preference for material and budget

Making India beautiful architecturally and stronger structurally by providing online platform to build house with comfort & efficiency

ANI | Updated: Mar 15, 2021 12:37 IST

New Delhi [India], March 15 (ANI/Media Dekho): Concerned about the ambiguity and inefficiency in construction due to multiple reasons like the involvement of multiple suppliers, fluctuations in prices, etc. two young bright architectural minds took the initiative of introducing the Digital Revolution into the construction sector to redesign the urban and semi-urban landscape of India.
Ar Sujeet Kumar Mishra, an architectural graduate of BIT Mesra, and Jenie Singh, a graduate in architecture from BIT Mesra and post-grad in business administration from NIT Durgapur, started an online platform for construction services known as Thikedaar.com
The pandemic has made the industry come to a standstill with more than 90 per cent of the country's construction projects facing unfair pricing, no use of smart technology, lack of labor safety measures, delays, ambiguity, uncertified experts, shortage of materials, and irregular work updates.
To solve problems like lack of labor safety measures, delays, ambiguity, uncertified experts, shortage of materials, and irregular work updates and bring transparency with efficiency in the construction sector, Thikedaar.com offers customers to build their dream house from where ever they are based on their preference for material and budget.
A remarkable algorithm taking care of the entire working of the system developed by Ar.
Sujeet himself thus helping to reduce human error and more so human manipulation. Taking away the hotchpotch of employing a different person for each step of construction, Thikedaar.com provides an end-to-end service, from design to the final construction becoming a complete package for Construction Projects.
"People have very little idea about the construction and architecture but almost everyone is involved with its working and affected by its underperformance. Mostly everyone dreams to have a home in his/her life but they are also aware of the fact that constructing that is the most difficult thing to do. The heavy margin of contractors, irregularity in the materials' price, inappropriate labor management, absence of smart technology and new materials, etc. dispirit people from building their own homes or people ends up building a low-quality home with a very little architectural input. Even after being an expert in this sector, I was speechless when people asked me these queries, so I decided to provide them a solution," said Sujeet, when asked about his motivation to start this company.
Mostly, people who become construction contractors or builders are the ones who initially had to build a house for themselves and they felt that they can help others with their learning and experiences. But, experiences do not lead them to any technical knowledge and professionalism.
There are also other reasons which makes building a house a painful process and are as follows:
* There is a large variety of suppliers in a single house.
* There is also a huge fluctuation in the prices of the materials because most of them are commodities and commodities follow their price cycle.
* Lack of technical knowledge by which they can buy the assured qualities of materials.
* Lack of understanding of materials to be used, their different properties, and how to qualify all those kinds of things.
Due to the above stated reasons, they can't get the right quality of materials, right labour, right architectural design, right structural design. And this is where they make mistakes and are subjected to vagaries due to which their time, budget and quality suffers. Now, with Thikedaar.com, people will able to construct their homes with skilled and experienced people with all architectural, structural, plumbing as well as electrical drawings.
Here, people can get a one-stop shop for all the materials. With Thikedaar.com, people also get facilities of site supervision by qualified people, labourers, and masons. Thikedaar.com is giving people peace of mind and assurance on time, quality, and cost. This is a big change in the market. This is not a change that has happened before and this will make India look beautiful.
With Thikedaar.com, one can have access to their house virtually even before its construction. They can get architectural plans, 3D views, structural drawings along with site supervision services, and assurance on the quality of materials and their applications.
Building one's own house which they can call HOME is the dream of every person. People spend so much time thinking about the design, the interiors, the structure and get emotionally attached to the place even before building it. And for this dream, everyone wants to ensure that they get it constructed by the best available builder and material with zero worries.
Through the start-up Thikedaar.com, the aim is to digitize and bring the entire process of

pre-construction available online, right from material selection to payment gateways as well as periodic updates.
'Get Construction Quote' is introduced whereby choosing the desired building materials, customers will be able to get a construction estimate before making a final decision of opting Thikedaar.com as their builder or construction partner.
This helps them in knowing that how the selection of different brands affects the construction estimate and once they book Thikedaar.com as their construction partner, even if the price of the materials goes high, it doesn't affect their previous estimate/booking price. These facilities were not existing earlier as local builders used to provide packages (A/B/C) with fixed brands of construction materials.
The estimate also keeps updating with the change in the price of construction materials, giving irregularity and burden on the budget of the customer.
Additionally, Thikedaar.com offers Complimentary Architectural Services to the customers from the best and qualified architects/planners/designers so that they don't miss out on an architectural aspect to build a home of their choice.
The online system of an end-to-end management and ownership of the project by Thikedaar.com takes off the burden from consumers while keeping them involved by looping them in via a live progress tracker.
Thikedaar.Com started its journey from Bihar, as the founder and co-founder recall that this move was more about its roots as they belong to Bihar. Rightly, as per expectations, the company is performing excellent from the beginning. It has been recognized as a Start-Up by the Government of India (the only construction company with an online platform to be recognized). Also, it has been applauded for design by Griha Certification.
By providing end-to-end service, both founder and co-founder aim that their company will be able to deliver a standard of living to not only the wealthy but also the more vulnerable sections of society. They have this belief that everyone deserves a habitable and well-constructed place of their own that they can call HOME.
Since a user will not be charged for any other services like Design, Supervision, Structure, etc., this aim will be achieved effectively.
Looking into the name of the company, Sujeet wanted to facilitate the idea of a strong, beautiful & affordable house to people across economic stratospheres. That's why instead of going with a fancy anglicize name, he chooses Thikedaar.com, wherein Thikedaar in Hindi means 'contractor', a word that is very common and well known within the construction industry. Adding the "dot com" however, was more of a tactical decision, ensuring the nature of the start-up being a primarily digital service provider that implicates on-site production and construction.
When asked about his choice for the name, Sujeet looks back into his past and says, "We aim to make this service accessible to everyone even the slum people, so keeping a fancy name which they can't even pronounce would have created a psychology that we are too big to do their jobs. Thikedaar has been derived from Thekedaar just because Indians have a habit of pronouncing words in their style. However, we added the "Dot Com" to represent that we are a real estate tech start-up. A contractor should proudly say that they are thekedaar, sorry Thikedaar, and understand that their contribution to the economy is as valuable as anyone else."
Leading the way in building and civil construction, they have achieved their target of 13000 plus square feet build-up area, more than 61200 plus square feet area under construction. They also acquired a trustworthy registration of 900 plus customers in just a few months with reliable feedback for the website. Even builders and promoters have tied with Thikedaar.com for their construction services.
As they don't stop here as a start-up of only earning revenue and entertaining customer with a bad review, they are here to change the whole hassle chain of construction into a smooth and reliable process on which their customers can trust and depend on.
They don't build a formal behaviour with their clients; they think that it's their project, and they have to give their best to make the customer's dream comes true. Their desire is not to close their wings with a massive launch of their start-up. In fact, they are here to reach to each one in their thoughtful wings of providing not only good services but better services.
Now talking about the founder and team, "Sujeet is a passionate leader having a clear vision about his venture," says Jenie Singh, Co-founder of Thikedaar Dot Com Private Limited. Thikedaar.com, she adds, has shown strong traction with 2x growth since its bootstrapping. "This is just the beginning. It will capture market share from its larger rivals."
"Thikedaar.com is on a mission to make India look beautiful architecturally and stronger structurally, giving people peace of mind and assurance on cost, quality & time," said Bimlendra Jha, Ex MD/CEO at Ambuja Cement, Ex CEO at Tata Steel UK, at present Investor and Co-Founder at Thikedaar.com.
He believes Thikedaar.com is a game-changer in the market because it is ultimately delivering peace of mind in the construction sector by assuring the right quality and application of construction materials.
Sujeet, for his part, has tied up with builders and promoters to provide complete construction and management, now wants to play big with investors and funds. He says the grant will help Thikedaar.com scale this year, add more brands of construction materials, and focus on more website and algorithm efficiency. The start-up plans to expand its team to about 2000 plus in the next two years to fuel growth. By this thought of approach, they are soon going to be launched in Delhi. Stay tuned with Thikedaar.com.
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