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Many families. One Kia Carens
Many families. One Kia Carens

Many families. One Kia Carens

ANI | Updated: Aug 12, 2022 12:45 IST

New Delhi [India], August 12 (ANI/Mediawire): When it comes to cars, modern Indian families are getting increasingly serious with their choices. While value for money remains a major factor in their decision, somehow there is a significant rise in attributing more value to the overall safety of a car. The question is, what exactly do these families mean when they say they want safer cars? We asked three families, with noticeably different needs, to take a test drive of the popular Kia Carens, and see if the safety features are indeed a dealmaker for them.
Himani and Nikhil - The young and the rest-less
We both are very passionate about travelling and we do short getaway trips whenever possible since our work schedules are pretty hectic being part of the corporate world. Since we are in Delhi, most of our trips are either to explore the mountains of Himachal and Uttarakhand or to find new locations to get away from the heat of the city.

We always look for a car which gives us the confidence to do such trips without any anxious moments. A Carensseems well-equipped on the safety front for us. Its Electronic Stability Control with Vehicle Stability Management does result in more confidence while taking twisty mountain roads, for us. The Brake Assist System and Hill Assist control are the additional safety features we appreciate in this, making it very easy going up and down the hills even when traffic is stop-and-go. Moreover, the different drive modes give us an option to have more mileage or more power on demand.
Shilpa and Rahul - The All-rounders

Being parents means most of our buying decisions would revolve around the family. When it comes to cars, safety comes first, as that gives us the most peace of mind as we use that one car everywhere. While Kia Carens have a long list of active and passive safety features, what we find very relevant given the time are things such as the air purifier. It is the real deal and we experience it first-hand. For a city like ours, and possibly a lot of other metros in India, it makes so much sense. It is good to know that a Carens has six airbags as standard across the range which is a major plus point given that it is not even a government mandate, yet. But the cherry on top for us is Kia Connect, which is an amazing feature to have when you are travelling with your loved ones to not-so-familiar places. Now we can rest assured that someone is always there to help us out if, god forbid, there is a need for that.
The Vermas - One size should fit all

We always want a car which can accommodate the growing needs of our extended family, which means comfortable passenger seats for my parents, a spacious third row for the occasional guests and a top-notch entertainment system for all of us. When it comes to our wish list, it is just to have a reliable car for the varied roads of our country. Having a family car with all disc brakes, ABS and electronic stabilization control gives that extra confidence on the move with all onboard. One of the most common and irritating experiences with my previous cars has been getting to know about a slow puncture midway through a trip. But thanks to features such as the tyre-pressure monitoring system in the Carens, it forewarns any issue before leaving for a trip. This should save us crucial travel time as we can have it sorted before starting. So, no nasty surprises while driving.

An ideal family car has to tick many boxes. More than usual, simply because it has more needs to address. A Carens is one of Kia's most well-spaced and cleverly packaged cars that brings together some unique safety features on offer in today's automotive world. From the driver to its passengers of all ages, these families reiterate the faith an increasing number of Indian families are putting on the versatile Kia Carens.

Test driving a Kia Carens
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