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Indian Math League (IML)
Indian Math League (IML)

Maths Seekho, Paise Jeeto in Indian Math League (IML)

ANI | Updated: May 18, 2021 15:45 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 18 (ANI/Heylin Spark): There isn't anything as fascinating as mathematics. India has had a long legacy of phenomenal teachers and scholars who had immense knowledge about mathematics. From discovering the concept of zero to calculating the correct days in a year, mathematicians in India have been at the forefront of challenging the norms. Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Srinivas Ramanujan, Harish Chandra, and C.R. Rao are a few mathematicians who have changed the world with their discoveries. They have not only carved a niche for themselves but have inspired the young generation to use their numerical abilities for further development.
If you are skilled and are keen on solving simple mathematical problems, the Indian Math League is just for you. It is an innovative, yet simple gaming app which lets its players answer simple math questions and in return win real money. There are zero elements of luck or chance involved, which makes it a 100% legal skill-based game. Your mathematical skills can now become your source of money. Cool, isn't it?
The player plays online in real-time, with another opponent, and both players are given the same set of questions. The one who scores the maximum right answers in 30 seconds wins the round. The player can also enter tournaments to win a larger pool of money. Mohit Sureka, Founder & CEO of IML believes that maths is the most fundamental skill which everyone has and it must be presented in a fun-loving manner that would arouse curiosity. Thus, he wanted to gamify it and reward the individuals who possess the right skills and are intrigued by numbers. It is exclusively targeted at Indian market that will create maths buzz in the society. IML aims at promoting maths in the Indian society such that there's learning and earning parallely.

Indian Math League believes in honing mathematical skills by encouraging people to learn maths and helping youngsters not only add to their existing skills but earn money through it. All you need to do is answer simple maths questions to win real money. IML is India's first 100 per cent legal skill-based real money game that lets you earn for your talent. There isn't any gambling involved as there is no chance element. It is purely a skill game depending upon how good you are in maths. The company is proud to announce that there were more than 1000 registrations in a week's time post the launch and people have won and withdrawn more than Rs50,000 during this period.
You can go to the website https://www.playiml.com/ and download the app. It is available for free on both iOS & Android platforms. As a special launch promotion, on every new registration, a player is awarded Rs30 as a Signup Bonus. The app is 100% legal and secured. The winner can instantly withdraw the winnings into their Paytm wallet. Worried about assistance if you are stuck? Just raise a ticket from the app and experts will assist you immediately.
It's an ideal opportunity to challenge your mathematical skills and be rewarded for your endeavors! Now earn while you play!
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