Medohis introduces Medohis Emergency Card for individuals and their families in case of any mishappening

ANI | Updated: May 17, 2021 11:59 IST

New Delhi [India], May 17 (ANI/SRV Media): Medohis introduces Medohis Emergency Card to safeguard the lives of individuals and their families at quick and instant access in a pocket-friendly manner.
The aim of this amazing innovation is to ensure that no one is ever left alone on the street in any mishappening. The long-term vision includes ensuring fast and effective response in any emergency situation or a mishap.
If the year 2020 has taught the world something, it is that everybody needs better healthcare systems and medical protocols. The wellbeing of your loved ones takes precedence over all other considerations. We try to protect our families at all times, but what happens if you aren't with them when something goes wrong? You can ensure their safety in mishappening situations with the Medohis Emergency card. Your absence does not have to imply irresponsibility.
Medohis is a unique platform that assures your complete family's safety when you're away from home's comfort and familiarity. Medohis strongly encourages you to sign up for their Medohis Emergency Card, with an annual membership of Rs 250/-. This unique Medohis card contains a record of all your medical history as well as emergency contact information, which are the most important pieces of information in the event of an accident and unforeseen circumstances.
"Discovery of a product like Medohis is highly recommendable and life-saving for any medical situation upfront. Countries like the USA, UK and many others already use such kind of products for immediate and quick response in case of any medical situation. Introducing Medohis to India will surely be a new step towards medical improvement and will become a necessity in the coming time. Our long-term vision includes ensuring fast and effective response 24x7 in any medical situation," said Amit Sarupria, Founder and CEO.

Medohis is a passport similar to today's chipped driver's license and debit/credit cards. Carry it with you as a must and forget about your concerns. The card has a QR code that can be scanned with a Paytm/google lens or any other scanner, allowing the concerned party to automatically access all data. The Medohis Emergency Card includes three scannable QR stickers that you can stick on your phone cover, wallet, or any other important item you bring with you. You can walk about easily without worrying about forgetting your card at home!
The user-friendly interface is designed to survive mishappening situations. It essentially displays all of your medical records in a pdf format post scanning the QR code, which can be shared with the doctors and the medical team for immediate action. This also helps in giving the doctor an idea about your medical histories like allergies and prior illnesses.
Along with the medical record, an SMS also gets forwarded to the patient's emergency contact number, all of which are useful in the event of an accident. While this emergency card ensures the safety of your complete medical history, it saves you from the hassle of carrying the hard copy of your medical documents which can be accessed from all over the world. People of different categories can get benefitted from this product, like those who love to travel, having a medical history, suffering from multiple chronic ailments, having elderly people at home, and considering the safety of children.
Corporates can also benefit greatly from this card by distributing them among their employees. It reflects the fact that their company is concerned about their safety and well being. This can therefore, bring about changes in the attrition rate and also help in building a positive image of the company.

Sarupria saw a void in personal safety and decided to create Medohis Emergency Card. He recognized that a product was required that could serve as a one-swipe, automated solution in the event of unforeseen mishaps. Years of research have helped Medohis develop this solution, which allows data to be transferred instantly to the healthcare professionals who are responsible for the patient's treatment.
Some of the benefits of Medohis Emergency Card are -
* Easy access to medical history
* Quick identification
* Instant information to the emergency contact
* Pocket friendly
* Accessibility through QR code scan, website login, and helpline assist 24x7.
Medohis feel proud to extend their hand for new business associations and exploring new opportunities.
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