Mehul Parashar
Mehul Parashar

Mehul Parashar spreads awareness about health and hygiene among Delhi citizens

ANI | Updated: Apr 22, 2021 18:57 IST

New Delhi [India], April 22 (ANI/ThePRTree): Law graduate and political activist, Mehul Parashar has taken up the initiative to improve the health and hygiene conditions of the national capital, Delhi.
Setting up cleanliness projects and spreading awareness about its need, Mehul has manifested himself to be the Youth Ambassador for Cleanliness in Delhi
Health and safety have become a prime concern for all Indian citizens. Unfortunately, the recent pandemic has created a setup in progress towards this direction. Fortunately, many young leaders have started contributing towards environmental cleanliness and public health.
Law graduate Mehul Parashar is also a renowned Indian contributor making his mark as a social and political activist. Having completed his graduation from Shyamlal College, Delhi University, he is currently working on improving environmental conditions through cleanliness projects. Besides this, as a political leader, Mehul is also actively participating in improving the health of Indian citizens.
He says, "Making changes in the present is far more important than in the future because the latter remains unpredictable. I diligently follow the slogan 'Charity begins from home.' Therefore, I have been running awareness campaigns for the past few years to inform the general public about the importance of a clean neighborhood."
Additionally, he also makes the general population aware of government initiatives such as Swach Bharat Abhiyan to provide free toilets. Hence, people would start noticing a more hygienic and cleaner environment in Delhi. His efforts help eradicate drawbacks associated with Indians, such as unclean, uneducated, and unaware.
Through his efforts, foreigners visiting the national capital would explore the beauty of the country and would no longer make negative remarks. As a result, the government and private travel sector would benefit hugely from Mehul's efforts. However, the political cleanliness ambassador is still more concerned about the Indian population.

His mission is to run awareness campaigns and cleanliness drives through the maximum neighborhoods of the country. Scaling a large initiative like this requires social activism. Therefore, Mehul constantly motivates citizens of the country through his social media posts and channels.
In addition to this, Mehul also reaches out to people from other countries. He is achieving the objective of making awareness of the importance of cleanliness and awareness of government policies to Indians worldwide. Additionally, he is becoming internationally popular as the youth cleanliness ambassador from Delhi.
In his opinion, improving the public health conditions inside and outside homes by providing free toilets and other contributions can immensely impact living and lifestyle. Moreover, through his non-discriminative nature, Mehul thinks that people worldwide are like family to him. He doesn't intend to limit his goals to the national capital city. His objective is to run awareness campaigns, and cleanliness drives through the masses. He doesn't feel obligated but regards himself as a responsible citizen caring about the health of family members.
Starting his journey as a public leader, he was the unopposed elected councilor for the student union election at his Shyamlal college between 2014 and 2015. He was elected as the Sports Secretary, Students Union, the University of Delhi in 2014 and ended his journey in 2017. In 2013, he became a part of Rashtriya Svayamsevak Sangh (RSS) Basti Pramukh until 2014. By 2014, he was elected District Coordinator at Zila Sanyojak, ABVP, until 2015. After this, he got elected as Vibhag Sah-Sanyojak, ABVP, until 2016. His next career leap was State Executive Member, ABVP, until 2018.
Throughout his journey as a social, political, educational, and environmental activist, Mehul has developed a few significant strengths. These include responsiveness, debating, public speaking, presentations, and resolving conflicts. He is a keen observant with an excellent memory.
Mehul's makes the public understand the underlying issues through public speeches, events, drives, campaigns, social media, and other methods. His wave motivates other political and social contributors to come forward and improve the health, living, and safety conditions.
Even during the ongoing pandemic and restrictive access, Mehul guides the public about government policies for their benefit. He is making relentless social contributions on various online and offline platforms while adhering to the new norms. He intends to eradicate the cleanliness and health drawbacks associated with Indian citizens globally through his efforts.
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