MNR Brands enhances smart pest management with the launch of its latest Ultrasonic Product

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2017 17:18 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 14 (ANI-NewsVoir): Pest control is a necessity for most Indian households. There is the looming danger of pests like cockroaches, ants, rats and so on that can contaminate food and seriously affect health. Moreover, flying insects like mosquitoes and flies can also cause diseases like dengue, malaria, cholera etc.

More often than not, people use traps and/or various forms of chemical pest repellents (sprays, gels, poison etc.) that cause a mess, are as much of a health hazard as the pests themselves, along with being bad for the environment. To counter this, MNR Brands, an inventor of intelligent pest control devices in India, has launched a range of non-toxic, environment-friendly products.

MNR Brands is a Mumbai based company that manufactures innovative products for commercial use and for households. The company was started by three individuals - Mehul Bafna, Rahul Bafna and Navneet Mohta - who have over three decades of experience in the manufacturing of electronics, electrical and plastics.

Their products, available on their website, Amazon and Flipkart, are technologically superior and are CE certified from an international certification body. They are lab-tested and proven to be effective in their mission of creating a safe and pest-free environment. Using sound and light-based systems, with almost no chemicals, they are non-toxic and perfectly safe for humans and their pets.

The latest of their products, called 'SuperSonic Ultra', was launched recently. The device comes in a 'plug-n-play' design and works on superior (and patented) 3D technology, emitting high frequency ultrasonic sound waves to repel rodents. The ultrasonic waves create an environment that is uncomfortable for rats, cockroaches, silver fish, ants and spiders.

"It works by changing the behavior of the pests. The ultrasonic waves can only be heard by them, making them very uncomfortable. This will cause them to eventually leave the area" Navneet Mohta, one of the founders of the company explained how the device works.

With this product their total count of non-toxic pest control products rises to four. These include the Superband - wearable band that repel mosquitoes and Supertrap - a device that uses Ultraviolet LED-light to trap flying pests.

"It works by attracting flying insects with the UV LED lights and by emitting a specific odor. Once they are near, a powerful suction fan sucks them into an attached cage from which they can be later cleaned out." Navneet explained the Super Trap's working.

When asked about how the SuperSonic Ultra was superior to other products that work on the principle of using ultrasonic sound to repel pests, Navneet explained, "Our SuperSonic Ultra, unlike other ultrasonic repellents, doesn't allow rodents to get used to the ultrasonic sound. It uses a complex 'swept' frequency system with multiple 'peaks', which means that the frequency of the tone keeps changing, unlike in other repellents that emit only a single continuous tone."

With the launch of this product, MNR Brands is well on its way to achieving its aim of becoming the best innovators of smart pest management technology. Innovative, trustworthy and purely Indian, this company aims to become leaders in electronic pest devices by producing smart products that are both user-friendly and environment-friendly. (ANI-NewsVoir)