Mobycy unveils new range of smart electric bicycles

ANI | Updated: Mar 14, 2018 16:38 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar 14 (ANI): India's first dockless bike sharing app, Mobycy, on Wednesday unveiled its new range of smart electric bicycles - e-Bycy.

With this addition of electric bikes into its fleet, Mobycy is further empowered to improve the first-and-last-mile connectivity, while offering an electronic assistance to daily commuters.

"By roping in electronic-assist bicycles in our fleet of shared and smart mobility solutions, we intend to provide everyday commuters with an efficient and faster way to move around and solve the challenges faced in short-mile connectivity," said co-founder, Mobycy, Akash Gupta.

"As a fast-growing green tech company bringing the revolution of shared dockless bicycles in India, we at Mobycy are also evolving quickly, keeping in mind the needs and aspirations of today's smart and tech-savvy commuters. With the introduction of smart and shared e-bikes in India, we are hopeful that a majority of new users will join our revolution of greener and healthier mobility. E-bikes also helps us solve the weather concern as people will now have both the options of bicycles at Rs. 5 per half an hour and e-bikes at Rs. 15 per half an hour," he added.

The e-bikes by Mobycy are powered by lithium ion battery, fitted with a 250-watt motor.

Enabling effortless commute across the city, these e-bikes can travel up to 40 km on a full charge, offering a top speed of 20 km/hr.

Up for hire soon on the Mobycy app, under the Flash icon, the e-bikes by Mobycy are priced at Rs. 15 per half an hour of ride.

Within just a little over three months of its launch, Mobycy has already spread the dockless bicycling sensation to 10 Indian cities.

In the beginning, the e-bikes by Mobycy will be available in beta app version in Gurgaon and some parts of NCR.

Besides, the fast-growing green tech start-up is eyeing at rapid expansion, focused at making e-bikes available at all of the cities where the brand is present. (ANI)