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MP Hema Malini visits the Radha Raman Temple in Mathura on the eve of Sharad Purnima accompanied by Acharya Pundrik Goswami
MP Hema Malini visits the Radha Raman Temple in Mathura on the eve of Sharad Purnima accompanied by Acharya Pundrik Goswami

MP Hema Malini visits the Radha Raman Temple in Mathura on the eve of Sharad Purnima accompanied by Acharya Pundrik Goswami

ANI | Updated: Jan 06, 2022 12:09 IST

New Delhi [India], January 6 (ANI/ATK): A Purnima on a Hindu Calendar means a full moon night.
What makes Sharad Purnima so important is that on this Purnima, the moon shines with all sixteen Kalamas that make up a perfect human being.
This night is considered auspicious by everyone who believes in the faith and highlights the importance of worshipping Lord Chandra.
Braj bathed in the nectar of devotion on Sharad Poornima that fell on 19th of October this year. Wherever you walked, there was a huge crowd of worshippers. The Sharad Purnima celebrations at Radha Raman temple started since the early hours of the day.
Devotees from all around the world cherished the special darshan of Lord Krishna. The chants of Radhe Radhe could be heard reverberating throughout the pilgrim city. From the Brahma Muhurta, thousands worshippers embarked on the Panchkosiya parikrama.
One of the devotees who was remarkably absorbed in the feelings of reverence this wednesday was former Bollywood actress and Mathura MP, Hema Malini. She visited the Radha Raman Temple in the holy city of Vrindavan and worshipped the Lord. The idol of Lord Krishna was donned in white clothes and worshipped with all the idols of Braj Gopis that were clothed in yellow. Yellow is believed to be Lord's favourite colour.
Seeing Thakurji seated on the silver throne, the MP was moved to adoration. Vaishnavacharya Pundrik Goswami enlightened her of the relevance and significance of Sharad Purnima. She was also given prasad, a flute, and a dupatta that are the customary offerings paid to Lord Krishna.

This event is also referred to as Raas Purnima by the people of the Braj region of India. The scriptures suggest that Lord Krishna performed Maharaas- the dance of heavenly passion- on this night. Gopis of Vrindavan slipped away from their cottages and families to join Krishna in the woods for a night of dancing in the moonlight. That night, Lord Krishna cloned himself into many to escort each Gopi and extended the night for what felt like billions of years to them. This is the reason why one can see the idol of Lord Krishna accompanied by idols of Gopis in the Radha Raman temple.
The eve of Sharad Purnima did not end with the worshipping of Radha Raman temple for MP Hema Malini. It is said that the Maharaas's Leela resurrected the Dwapar Yuga back to its former glory on the night of Sharad Purnima in Govardhan, Mathura. Like every year, the Maharaas celebrations in the city of Mathura were breathtaking.
People witnessed the Chandra Sarovar illuminated by the lamps on Tuesday night and it was a sight to behold. Thakurji granted darshan to worshippers in white clothes at the Radha Raman temple of Braj.
The event was broadcasted live by multiple mainstream news channels. The dance play was presented by Padma Shri awardee Shekhar Sen, who received a standing ovation. MP Hema Malini was accompanied by Braj Teerth Vikas Parishad Vice-President Shailja Kant Mishra, and BJP MLA Karinda Singh in the audience. The grand night diffused feelings of utmost devotion in the people of Braj and celebrated the age old epic.
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