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Naver Whalesigned an agreement with Phenikaa group, the largest Edu-tech company in Vietnam (Photo/Naver)
Naver Whalesigned an agreement with Phenikaa group, the largest Edu-tech company in Vietnam (Photo/Naver)

Naver to enter Vietnamese Edu-tech market in partnership with Phenikaa group

ANI | Updated: Aug 31, 2022 15:41 IST

Seoul [South Korea], August 31 (ANI/Global Economic): Naver Whale will enter the global market with its advanced Edu-tech technologies.
Naver said on Tuesday it signed an agreement to build a Vietnamese smart education environment using Whale Space and Whale Book with Phenikaa group, the largest Edu-tech company in Vietnam. At the signing ceremony held at in Hanoi, Vietnam, Phenikaa Group CEO Le Yen Thanh and Naver Whale director Kim Hyo attended.
According to Naver, Phenikaa Group is an IT and Edu-tech company that operates Phenikaa University in Hanoi, Vietnam, as well as elementary, middle, and high schools, and is developing learning management systems (LMS). Naver and Phenikaa Group have agreed to develop and release the Whale Space platform optimized for the local education environments in Vietnam.

Wale Space provides various educational solutions on the web, and users can use the solution anywhere with a Wale Space account. In Korea, about 50 educational solutions are provided in Whale Space.
In particular, administrators can set the scope of solutions that members can use in Whale Space, and the data rights will be owned by the educational institutes that use solutions.
Whale Space is cooperating with 17 city and provincial education offices and is developing customized education solutions with the Chungnam education office. Naver stressed that Whale Space will play a vital role as a platform that reflects the characteristics of the educational field in Vietnam.
In addition, Naver will take the cooperation with Phenikaa Group as an opportunity for Korean Edu-tech startups affiliated with Whale Space to enter Southeast Asian markets, including Vietnam. It will also actively sign partnerships with local solution developers. (ANI/Global Economic)