The Orbis School
The Orbis School

Nestled in the bustling city of Pune, the Orbis School has a cheerful motto "Celebrate Learning"

ANI | Updated: Jul 01, 2021 11:51 IST

Pune (Maharashtra) [India], July 1 (ANI/Mediawire): Nestled in the bustling city of Pune, the Orbis School has a cheerful motto "Celebrate Learning", where education is a joyful experience both for facilitators and students that serves the best academic and curriculum advancement, experienced trainers, inspiring mentors and caring support staff.
The name Orbis has its origin in Latin roots meaning 'the globe', 'a circle' or 'the world'. The word is synonymous with unending; like in a circle, having no beginning nor ending, just how education ought to be and this lies at the heart of our mission-to produce ethical, lifelong learners who are socially responsible leaders with a global perspective.
Our Wholesome Approach
At The Orbis School we believe in nurturing young minds to be responsible and conscious citizens of the country. The ultimate goal to produce confident, well rounded leaders, capable of striding into the future with their heads high is never forgotten. Along this eventful and painstaking journey lie the numerous opportunities to character building in the form of a spectrum of ventures offered to the students. The school helps the students evolve into responsible and caring individuals who are empathetic, compassionate and have the right attitude to lead a balanced life.
The Orbis School provides new innovative and exciting opportunities for every student. Activities such as Robotics, Yardstick, School Cinema and Zoomer, enquiry based learning and transformative education have been the highlights of learning at the school.
The Orbis school believes in delivering:
* A Learning environment based on " Strong values"

At the Orbis School, we strive to inculcate in our students values of truth, honesty and empathy; to teach them right from wrong so that they could make the right choices when they would need to. We encourage each child to compete with himself so that he may progress everyday, one step at a time.
Activities like Each One Teach One, where our students teach the Help Staff, Social drives aimed at making a difference to the community, as students take on Students' Social Responsibility (SSR) projects, namely; selling of flags for Indian Association for the Blind, newspaper donations for Cancer Patient Aid Association, plastic collection for getting it recycled, helping parents and others in daily chores and donating the earnings under project 'I Care', money collection for Childline, the Joy of Giving week where the children donate toys and and more are aimed at sensitizing our students to the needs of the society and inculcating in them a caring attitude. The House system along with the Student Cabinet System, Student Council and student aiding student activities cultivates responsible leadership. Extra reading programmes and Orbuzz, the monthly newsletter, provide a launching pad for creative thinking, design and writing. Above all, the school provides a climate that nurtures values and a compassionate attitude as the core of learning at Orbis.
* Learning philosophy of " Celebrate Learning"
The ever evolving curriculum has a progressive outlook with an intellectual and cognitive rigour that celebrates learning. Limitless opportunities are offered to experience and experiment, involve in literary fests and concerts, nurture a spirit of enquiry and adventure through field trips, workshops and exhibitions, pursue hobbies, showcase talents and skill on the big stage, explore a well rounded Performing Arts and Sports programme, work education for skill development, twinning with schools for a global outlook, appreciation of cultural diversities, and more; all offered in a secure, stimulating and rewarding atmosphere designed to realise the full potential of each student. Special days like Grandparents Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Pet Day, No Bag Day add to the excitement and joy of sharing experiences in school with the extended family and cement the bond between the school and the community at large.
* Effective and unique " School culture and traditions"
The Orbis School believes in offering a curriculum that is balanced and wholesome with a blend of the modern and the traditional. Gender equality and sensitivity is evident in all school practices where no discrimination is allowed on any grounds, the celebration of all major days and festivals through Special Assemblies are conducted by the students under the guidance of teachers, the UN Theme for the Year is adopted for projects and Information Boards, excursions and Field Trips to take learning beyond the classroom are organized through the year.
We, at The Orbis School, also believe that a global dimension should be reflected in the attitudes and values of our students, the ethos of the school as well as the assessment outcomes and curriculum. Keeping this in mind, we work on numerous activities based on international themes. With this, we celebrate the rich and diverse heritage represented in our school, and local and national communities, understand complex international interdependencies in the global economy, respect and value different cultures and beliefs and enjoy regular contact with students and adults living in different countries. The school is a member of EUMIND and our students work closely with their counterparts in a sister school in The Netherlands on projects of shared concern.
Each student, each day, goes to school knowing it will be a happy day for him/her.
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