New Construction Tech & Env Measures reduces pollution at New Parliament Building Site
New Construction Tech & Env Measures reduces pollution at New Parliament Building Site

New Construction Tech & Env Measures reduces pollution at New Parliament Building Site

ANI | Updated: Nov 24, 2021 16:48 IST

New Delhi [India], November 24 (ANI/Mediawire): The technology-enabled eco-friendly initiatives of Tata Projects Ltd at New Parliament Building's construction site has given positive results.
As per the nearest Central Pollution Control Board's (CPCB) real-time monitoring station (i.e. Mandir Marg), Air Quality Index shows an improvement of 6.1% in last one month (1st Nov vs 1st Oct 2021) which is a positive sign of environmental measures initiated by the company during execution of New Parliament Building.

In fact, the construction happening at New Parliament Building is actually not construction as we interpret it - it is putting together of prefabricated blocks constructed kilometres away (which too happened about six months back as the superstructure on-site had crossed 2 levels!). Also stonework is happening about 600 km away while bamboo flooring is happening in the Northeast about 1000 km away. On-site its - more like joining of lego blocks. Hence, there is currently no polluting activity on site.
Few of the technology-enabled measures that ensured environmental wellbeing during the construction of New Parliament Building includes the erection of 40 feet high wind-breaking walls on the periphery; dust absorbing and sound absorption barriers, installation of anti-smog guns (for more than 20,000 sqm built-up area); green net/ tarpaulin on scaffolding; on about one thousand feet length of access roads leading to New Parliament Site have been blacktopped; wet jet is being used for various purposes, along with conventional protection measures (which includes sucking up sedimentation dust from roads and inside site).

4D BIM is being used to assemble - the prefabricated blocks which are merely bought to New Parliament Building site and joined together along with cut stone cladding, and wood carving which has happened over 1000 km away - thus only the finished product is being transported to site for installation.
Proactive environmental measures at such a huge and important project such as New Parliament Building which has led lead to improvement in air quality (inside the construction complex) - certainly showcases the way forward for the entire construction and infrastructure sector.
It must be further pointed out that these environmentally friendly measures not only protect the environment but also workers and residents living in the vicinity. Hence, construction in an environmentally friendly manner is certainly a possibility.
India needs infrastructure both in terms of quality and capacity - thus, the focus needs to be upon taking proactive eco-friendly measures like those initiated at New Parliament Building.
In conclusion, it must also be remembered that construction industry is India's second-largest employer after agricultural sector - thereby employing nearly fifty million workers. The entire construction industry cannot be painted with the same brush and held responsible for pollution - which also happens due to various other reasons.
Hence, the way forward would be to embrace technology to ensure eco-friendly measures at construction sites and provide all support to an important sector such as infrastructure - which is crucial to India's growth momentum.
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