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Getmeadivorce.com - Counselling for New Beginnings (1)
Getmeadivorce.com - Counselling for New Beginnings (1)

Newly launched platform that is making divorce accessible to Indians

ANI | Updated: Sep 17, 2021 14:10 IST

New Delhi [India], September 17 (ANI/SRV Media): In a country like India that is still treading the fine line between tradition and a modern, more progressive outlook to marriage and relationships, there is a new platform that has opened its doors to those hesitant to ask questions regarding the future of their relationship.
The recently launched platform, getmeadivorce.com. is bridging the gap between questions and answers relating to separation, divorce, alimony, maintenance, child support, and everything in between and beyond.
The uptick in web searches about the legal, financial, logistical, and psychological aspects of divorce and separation lead to a plethora of answers; most of which are based on anecdotal evidence. That's where getmeadivorce.com is making a difference; they connect the user to senior lawyers who are experts in family law experts. For a nominal fee (less than INR 500), users can either video chat or have a Q&A session with one of the legal experts on their panel.
Historically, Indian divorce rates are the lowest in the world, however, there is no denying the fact that they are steadily rising, and also bridging the urban and rural divide. The growing divorce rates in the country are attributed to a variety of factors; the biggest being that with increased education women are financially independent and no longer forced to stay in crumbling marriages. To add to this the Covid-19 pandemic has also been a huge contributing factor, as it has forced people indoors with disagreeable spouses.
The platform aims to provide users with a virtual safe space to discuss their marital problems. In a culture where personal issues are rarely discussed outside the home,getmeadivorce.com has been designed keeping the privacy and anonymity of the user paramount. They collect no personal information and a user can connect with a lawyer using just a generic username.
Even with a name like getmeadivorce.com, the founders of the portal say their approach can be summed up in their mantra "Divorce is never the first option, its the last resort". The team says that contrary to first impressions, they do not 'promote' divorce. The singular aim has been to provide men and women a place where they get legally sound answers to the questions they've been wanting to ask.
The Indian divorce and family laws are complicated which adds to the stress of a difficult marriage. Couples with marital issues often continue being in the relationship because they have nowhere to turn to for answers about the future. Walking into a lawyer's office for most is an extreme step that has the potential of worsening the situation. Even in cases of mental and physical abuse, people are hesitant to seek help for fear of societal judgment. This platform gives them the freedom to explore their options and make informed decisions aided by lawyers.
The founders are very clear about the fact that they don't help people engage lawyers for litigation, this is just a place where they can get an unbiased opinion about their situation and options. The lawyers and the users do not have access to each other's information and have no way to connect outside of getmeadivorce.com. With a nominal fee for sessions (Under INR 500) that is paid at the time of scheduling an appointment, the user is assured that there is no hidden fee or commission.
The lawyers on the platform say that the demographic divide of the people seeking help has been a surprise. Wherein they thought that it would be mostly women, there has actually been an equal number of men coming in and asking questions. The users are from a cross-section of society and economic strata, but marital problems faced by many are the same. Infidelity seems to be the biggest driving factor behind a breakdown of Indian marriages with an inability of mutual cohabitation being a close second. Both men and women ask questions about their financial futures and responsibilities post the split and most of them seem to want a mutual consent divorce; saving both time and mental agony.
With Divorce no longer being the dreaded 'D' word and the quick succession of high-profile celebrity divorce, Indians seem to be more open than ever before to exit relationships that no longer work for them. getmeadivorce.com wants to provide a safe, secure and private platform for them to do just that.
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