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Newsahoot's interface offering real news for kids
Newsahoot's interface offering real news for kids

Newsahoot launches a new website to help kids get access to real-world news

ANI | Updated: Jul 02, 2022 10:54 IST

New Delhi [India], July 2 (ANI/SRV): Newsahoot has announced the launch of its brand-new website, dedicated to writing age-appropriate news for kids. The ed-tech startup aims to attract children to real-world news through engaging articles, published only once per day. With a successful beta test that has run its course, Newsahoot is ready to welcome new subscribers.
It is well established that exposure to the right news can make children smarter, more insightful, and more knowledgeable. Not just that, it can also improve children's ability to understand and form opinions. However, recent research by Common Sense Media revealed that 63 per cent of children felt that traditional news made them feel angry or depressed. Research also showed that a majority of children prefer to get their news from online sources.
Newsahoot offers many features to make news accessible to kids:
(1) Each article has three levels viz. beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each of these versions is written according to the age and comprehension level of children.
(2) Every article contains new words to add to your child's vocabulary. Each of these words is defined by the Newsahoot team to avoid complicated dictionary meanings.
(3) At the end of every article, there are bulleted quick revision points to help children retain information.
(4) They publish one article a day across six categories - world, India, science and technology, health, environment, and social sciences. This helps children not feel burdened by the news.

With its new service, Newsahoot hopes to engage the growing curiosity of children and help them become more confident, intelligent, and aware. A daily habit of reading the news can also help facilitate the growth of critical thinking skills in young children, allowing them to easily excel in academics and beyond. Newsahoot has also incorporated innovative solutions such as daily WhatsApp notifications to keep both children and parents updated about the news shared on the platform every day.
"The idea behind Newsahoot came from the need to create a safe space for children to quench their curiosity." shared Anmol Malhotra, Founder of Newsahoot Media. "While the news is now abundantly available on many platforms, it can contain toxic, unverified, and insensitive content that can adversely affect the young minds of children. At Newsahoot, we wanted to create a platform where parents can send their children to learn, without worrying about negative content or inappropriate ads or links bothering them."
The launch of this exciting new startup means that kids above eight years of age can read about real-world events and understand their context and consequences - all in a language that they understand and retain. Newsahoot prides itself on keeping the platform free of ads. Parents can rest assured that their children will only be consuming safe and age-sensitive content on Newsahoot.
"Kids newspapers generally only focus on fun facts and engaging activities. And with multiple articles spread across multiple sheets, kids find it difficult to retain information." said Malhotra. He also shared his views about the inadequacy of traditional news sources for children. "With Newsahoot, children get real news, told through an article a day. This way, kids retain more and also become sensitized to issues of the real world."
Users can now peruse Newsahoot's library of articles, and also claim a free trial. Newsahoot has also launched its subscription plans, which will be available at slashed prices until the end of July 2022. Schools looking to partner with Newsahoot for heavily discounted plans or concerned persons can reach Newsahoot at contact@newsahoot.com.
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