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Tushar Rayate
Tushar Rayate

NextgenDigiHub Academy, a digital marketing hub for budding aspirants in the rural

ANI | Updated: Mar 26, 2021 16:42 IST

New Delhi [India], March 26 (ANI/SRV Media): Launched and founded by Tushar Rayate, NextgenDigiHub is one of the few and first institutes/agencies for digital marketing in rural India, Dhule. Their USP is quite simple - being available, affordable, and reliable. Digital Marketing is a dynamic world in itself.
Hence, every digital marketer needs to be ready for a life-long learning process of trials and tribulations. The program has been curated with 100 per cent of the market's dynamic capability with all the courses, modules, practical projects - which enables aspirants to gain a thorough understanding of digital marketing as well as be prepared for an ever-changing world. . The courses are curated with full consideration of what one requires when they start working. It helps you bridge the gap with practical learning.
Things that one learns at the institute can be understood only when one implements and tries, again and again, to see different results for different inputs and analyse its output. There is no magic, it's all about the experience and the patience in achieving the desired output. Tushar shares, 'Even if I can't reach the millions in India, they can reach my expertise and knowledge through these courses and improve their digital marketing niche.' The academy follows the custom of 'The more you practise, the more number of ways you will learn to achieve the same process with different inputs. Algorithms keep changing, and it is obvious for it to happen. Dwell along and find your own way along with those changes.'
Digital Marketer, Mentor & Coach for the budding digital marketer's aspirants - Tushar Rayate is one of the most reliable and recommended digital marketers in the Business World. Undoubtedly, this intuition and intellect have contributed a lot to the digital media space with his work and his most recent venture and institute cum agency - NextgenDigiHub Academy in Dhule, Maharashtra.
Tushar began his journey as an amateur Digital Marketer way back in March 2012. One of his most unplanned endeavours turned out to be his best decision. Rayate initially started working with Facebook partners and 100s of companies to guide them on their digital marketing missions. Years on, he is now an entrepreneur, digital and social media marketing consultant, and Founder of NextgenDigiHub Group amongst a plethora of skills and avenues.

Tushar Rayate, says, the power of digital marketing can be brought out only through huge awareness and this is a challenge to create a space for this field among the other professions in the world. In the urban world, digital marketing is becoming a very common trend, but what about the villages where they could also use social media and other ways of marketing to reach a broader audience. There are no marketing agency/institutions in most of the rural sections of the country."
For a young entrepreneur such as Tushar, this proved to be the starting point for NextgenDigiHub Academy, a digital marketing agency started in rural India.
Their aim is to make it more available and helpful for rural people too. But unless they don't know how to use and build their business through it, they will fail to understand its value and importance.
Tushar further adds," Digital marketing was a new term for me, I learnt it from some of the best people and then explored Digital Marketing in my own little way. Having worked with multiple companies, high-profile PR teams, a network of agencies, varieties of clients with different brand specifications gave me the necessary boost and confidence to start my own agency/institute "NextgenDigiHub".
The fascination & surety of Rayate's brainchild came true during the pandemic. This institute cum agency is a dream platform for budding digital marketing students who wish to get practical and intuitive exposure to the world of Digital Media. They provide online and offline courses in both Basic & Advanced Levels that can drive the insights of an amateur from zero to 100 per cent. The platform has over 32+ modules and 53+ modules in Basic & Advanced respectively.
Learn more from NextgenDigiHub Academy to grow as a professional yourself in the Digital Marketing space.
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