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Now artist can live stream together with Streamkar's Audio Party Room

ANI | Updated: Jun 28, 2022 12:51 IST

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], June 28 (ANI/BusinessWire India): Ever heard of an app that not only entertains people but also cares for their physical and mental wellness?
Introducing the Indian-based app StreamKar and its brainchild - a social well-being program - StreamKares.
This live streaming app is a product of Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and it receives investments from the leading U.S.-based mobile internet company Tipping Points Technology Limited.
StreamKar: A platform that provides a breath of fresh air
Widely available to a global desi audience on both the Google Play Store and iOS App Store, StreamKar is a sight for sore eyes. Today's world is crippled and consumed by climate change, with political upheavals taking a new shape every day, and the struggle to get out of the rut created in the aftermath of the global pandemic. While people get physically and mentally burnt out, StreamKar comes as a momentary escape from reality.
StreamKar's audio party room
StreamKar has launched an audio party room where a host can invite up to 8 guests into an audio room to spin the conversation around crucial topics of importance. The leading streamer, who is also the moderator of the audio stream, will decide who the guests will be. Then, upon the moderator's instruction, a healthy discussion on core issues regarding life, in general, will ensue.

Covering a wide range of subjects
The StreamKares project will cover a vast gamut of topics ranging from mental and physical self-care to investing in cryptocurrency. For that one hour, the guests will act as life coaches, divulging hacks on how to talk to strangers, make friends, conduct negotiations effortlessly, or deal with stressful situations. Streamers who flock to the StreamKar platform take refuge in such audio chats. It helps them deal with grief or loss, prepare for job interviews or a first date, or deal with awkward situations - anything that sails their boat. The amount of knowledge imparted in this audio stream, along with different perspectives, has the ability to shape opinions.
A safe space to be heard
In this hour-long conversation, hosts not only preach and teach, but the audience can actively involve themselves as well. Streamers get the opportunity to ask questions and voice their opinions as well. A platform like StreamKar is a safe space where everyone's views are respected and held in great esteem. What is unique is that one seldom comes across an app which promotes the growth of not only one live streamer but a horde of creators in the same space.
Each host is provided with an equal opportunity to express their school of thought without any judgement. This culture further enhances the airing of honest and trustworthy outlooks, which the audience can imbibe in their lives.
It won't be long before this platform becomes the one-stop shop for all vital information. What one knows is a drop, what one doesn't know is an ocean! So, even well-established influencers and content creators can tune in to such audio streams to gain tidbits of knowledge.
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