Now, showcase your interest and talent with a click!

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2018 17:09 IST

New Delhi [India], Jan.8 (ANI): Humans, have since the beginning of time, have always come together and communicated their interests, some of them being similar in nature. Whether it is writing, photography, music, poetry, art, comedy or any other interest, today, in the digital world, the inherent need to connect with people of similar interest is still not fulfilled.

Nojoto, a mobile-based interest-based network plans to be the "Linkedin for Talents", is serving all three purpose for talents to "showcase interest, network with people and get hired."

A theater artist himself, Satyaprem, Co-Founder and CEO left his high paying job last year and spent about six months travelling and talking to over 5,000+ artists, musicians, writers, poets, and found that talents across world are facing these three problems:

•No platform to showcase interest

•No platform to network with people of similar interest

•No single platform to get hired

After six months of concept validation and developing MVP, they were five co-founders with Kamal Singh Chauhan, heading Technology, Amit Kumar - Heading Mobile, Mukesh Poonia Heading Design, Front end and Production and Himanshu heading Growth. All have raised initial capital from friends, family and senior leadership at PayU.

Nojoto, today is growing at 200 percent month over month, with a highly engaged community of over 15,000+ talents across Tier 1,2, 3 cities&25,000+ content pieces shared till now, is aiming to reach five million users by 2018 and 100 million Indian users by 2021.

Indian talent community too feels the need for such a platform and over 40+ events were held across India in the last four months, created by the community and for the community, where people came and showcased their talent in poetry, comedy, music, art and more. Nojoto plans to establish local level talent platforms across all major Tier 1 and 2 cities of India in 2018 connected on Nojoto at the national level.

They have organically created large distribution platforms on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube with a reach of over one lakh+ people, and also tying up with large distribution platforms for growth. Nojoto has partnered with Mhrao Udaipur, a TV channel in Udaipur, which also broadcasts their content in the form of two episodes every week and are in advance content syndication talks with cable operators to increase distribution across India - which in-turn will help Nojoto grow at a faster pace.

The team claims that all this has been achieved with zero marketing dollars being spent. Initial organic growth helped them fine tune product and growth levers. With nine+ months in building the business, and product, growth and business model being fully baked is ready to scale across India.

Moreover, based on user demand and insight, Nojoto also has created tools so that people can broadcast their interest better such as "Quotes", "Frames"& "Voice" - that lets people broadcast their words as text, photos and audio - and add background image or Music (keyboard, piano, flute etc).These tools not only make the life of artists simple, but also helps to spread virally by and through word of mouth or Facebook when people share content created by these tools on their respective social media platforms.

Nojoto today generates revenue through events and workshops, and talent hiring. They plan to launch a talent hiring solution in March 2018, once they touch two lakh users and generate 100, 000 USD of revenue in 2018.

Commenting on talent hiring market, Kamal informed that "Nojoto plans to escalate freelancing and gigs, which he insists will gradually replace jobs, making India a talent economy over the next couple of years."

"Thirty-five percent of freelancers in the United States today contribute about a trillion dollars to the economy &India today has 15 million freelancers, and 1.5 million freelancers gets added every year, out of which 50 percent hiring is for talents" added Kamal.

With the model fully set to scale, backed by strong founding team, the team informed that they are in advance talks with institutional investors and seasoned entrepreneurs to raise capital and scale business to first India and then at the global level. (ANI)